Blueprint-Akash Energy Update for March – Lifting Our Creating with Opulent Imagining – Video Channeling

Video Channeling & Energy Update with guidance on key themes, sacred centres & tantric alchemy updates in our human blueprint

Update and Channeled Message from the guides. 

There’s an opportunity this week and in the coming days for lifting how we’re aligned in our creating.To feel into where we’re at in our lives and ask are we where we want to be. And to shift our focus away from what’s missing in my life, or what’s at odds with me, to turn our imagination and expectations to face the questions:

  • Where would I like to lift my situation
  • Where would I like to be going
  • What would I like to be doing

And rather than energising our negative feelings about not having, being or doing what we want, asking ourselves: 

  • How would it feel to be supported to do this, go there and have this (whatever it is we really want).

Channeled Messages from the Guides

Channeled Energy Update – Messages from the Guides, Blueprint-Akash Update March 2021

Channeling from the Pleiadians

We’re coming up for another revolution around the sun and the part of the year that lifts us into an elevation from our last year’s trajectory. You’re on the next rung of the spiral and this spiral is traveling out of the eye of the storm. Here you have this wonderful opportunity for calling facets of how you’re managing your world into integrity. Into alignment with what you know is right, what you feel inside is in right resonance with you. You had an almighty interruption to the way things were, with a global situation that effectively asked you to pause. And in that pause you passed through the eyes of the storm. The gateway home, to Source, to Oneness Consciousness opens now in the dimensions of your physical existence. You can call all parts of this home by aligning with what’s right for you and who you truly are; the you that knows itself as one and connected within all living things, all of consciousness; the you that can physically feel this state of being more connected in new ways – ways that are opening up to you now. 

This is because you have stopped. You have breathed. You have been levered out of your habitual patterns so that in that pause you could access the still point at the centre of the storm. For in that still point is the gateway – the gateway to source. Your physical world was brought into contact with the gateway to source and it cannot not be affected by that.

A process has been initiated that will continue to prompt many of you to call your actions into alignment with what you know and more physically can feel is right for you.

We urge you to start with yourselves and let the world catch up in its own time.

If you do this, the world can much more easily catch up. To turn and face the world and try to change it slows down the process. Owning how you feel about the fact it hasn’t been behaving the way you would like it to not only changes your world but the whole world, more efficiently than you could imagine.

Your actions define the shape and state of your world and so, in this pause before the winds in the air and the vibrations in the earth bring a new Spring to life in you and in the planet, invite the part of you that is going to grow and expand in this energy, invite it home to align with the you who dwells here in softness, knows the feel of peace and vibrates with the felt connectivity to the earth – the life that is awakening to movement, energised expansion and growth – and pause to invite the infinite possibility that lives in the imagination beyond what you know. So you, too, can be lifted into the next evolutionary spiral of your story of coming home to the more of who you are and living more fully as that human being, within a connected planet and a connected cosmos. 

This felt sense of connectivity can be invited into the smallest movement. Invited into any part of your day or night. The feeling of when to rise, when to sleep, when to eat. So often it is the mind that tells the body when to ‘go’ but here you are with an opportunity to listen. From the heart, from the body and to feel the rhythms alive everywhere in you, guiding you, letting you know how to act, how to be, where to be. These rhythms can be felt in simple ways, as subtle yearnings, impulsing the body to report to the mind what it feels would be right, just now.

There are impulses born of emptiness, bringing information about needs, lacks and empty desires that push the patterns of addiction to the surface. But there are yearnings born of a felt connectivity and inherent wholeness, harmonious impulses telling the body what it wants.

And during 2020 your body-awareness was being aligned for connectivity. So that whether you knew it or not, the subtle rhythms and patterns of the planet in alignment with itself were being registered and felt in the consciousness of your bodies, leading to the opportunity to connect more and more to a felt sense of what is right for this body within this planet within this universe within all of everything.

It’s there in you. We suggest opening more to your feeling sense of what you want to be, do and have at this time, for it is speaking to you over and above the clamouring cover of addiction and gratification, that many of you may find yourself facing without understanding why, when you have come so far within yourselves that this would be so. If you’re facing this at this time, it is because you’re ready to move to the next level of physical alignment. 

Naturally there is resistance to letting go of the habits and patterns that have stood in for natural connectivity and limitless love being physically felt. These habits and patterns are rising up to be seen, met, welcomed, loved and understood, so that transformation can naturally happen the way it best can.

This means for some of you, an intensifying around these addictive habits and behaviours. The salve, as always, is to call on the support of what’s coming in now to replace them. This support is available and flowing in from within you. 


Energy Update

Part 1 – Energy Update

There are lifting and expanding possibilities in this pause, before the energy of action takes us and moves us forward in our chosen directions. 

We are invited to drop into stillness and in stillness touch softness. In softness, to touch the opulence of the unchained imagination. To allow our imagination to dream its way into the whispers just beyond our reach. To open to the possibility that we can be lifted beyond our imagining. 

New futures are calling to us from beyond what we thought we knew, offering to free us from what we have to look back on. The imagination that lives in the limitlessness we are can lift us beyond what we’ve known up until now. 

This spring,vitality and life-energy is calling us to action. We’re invited to make space for a life of action where softness can be part of our experience. Where rest has a place and where the pause is honoured as important. As part of what aligns us and nurtures us. It is when we pause, we receive. Without the rhythms of rest in our days and lives, we run dry. 

When we allow for a more natural motion to define the way we work and live, we imprint a new energy in the world and the way we run it. Now we’ve collectively has our old patterns interrupted, the world that asked us to run to catch up, create faster, be in a race with everything doesnt exist any more. It could; we could try and restart it. Or… we could find where in our lives we’ve made space for space itself.  However small that is, however tiny, it matters. It’s precious. It’s important.

This can mean simply listening for when it’s time to rest and reflect, so that when it’s time to move, we’re facing the direction we want to be. And we’re energised and aligned for action. So that we’ve made our requests to life, the universe and our Selves and can trust our impulses, when they come, to be taking us forward into more of what we want.

Key Themes

Active Elemental Alchemy: Fire & Ice – depolarising opposites in our elemental balance

There’s an opening to the natural unity that transcends balance in our internal elemental alchemy, melting our frozen parts and softening our burning, out of control fire, to bring us into the softness in aliveness, the gentleness in life force and the vitality that opens us to the limitless possibilites that live beyond our own fear of creating. Walls and limitations are melting as we movebeyond old obstacles and boundaries.

Active Sacred Centres

Stellar and Earth Gateways opening to receive in-flowing energy Supporting oneness awareness in how we think, imagine and how we ground. Opening the link between imagination and manifestation, opening us to levels of imagination that transcend the limit of thoughts. Inviting in the Imagination that is seeded in pure awareness.

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