Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Channelling from Sirius

New Wave Light Technologies – a paradigm reset in our collective human blueprint happening now

Channeled Message & Transmission with Guidance on how to work with this

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update February 21st 2021 – the reset in an archetypal shiva energy within us, opening us to a new internal relationship between light and technology.

There’s a paradigm reset happening now in our collective human blueprint, giving rise not just to a new relationship to technology within us, but facilitating a change in the climate of human consciousness. One that could lead to a renaissance of new wave inventions. This is where technological advancement aligns with and is driven by the growing understanding of consciousness and its alchemical principles.* And where our advancements are shaped by our growing understanding of consciousness as interconnected fields of frequency and energy forming the fabric of manifest and unmanifest reality.

*the alchemy of consciousness in constant creation and the principles governing the natural behaviours and activities within that alchemy.

Received during a call with GevaAnn Woodland (GevaAnn-Voice of Gaia)

Channeled Update speaking about this now gateway – channeling transcript:

“There’s a light technology archetype within us – an aspect of Divine (Shiva), that’s been inverted this long time; to challenge and subvert our creativity – when its rightful, harmonious position (when it’s in alignment) is to facilitate creative play. 

For a long time this (archetype) has been directed against evolution that’s been born out of playful creativity. Because the prioritisation has been for need-based creating, problem-solving, rescuing and fixing.

In a duality paradigm these are the principles that ensure the survival of human consciousness. However in a unity paradigm those principles end up being constrictive. And so those of us who are anchored in that unity paradigm and developing ourselves within it are calling home that archetype.  And you’re right (GevaAnn) it corresponds to the planet Uranus, which governs how light technology facilitates us. 

The healing is in creative playfulness and it’s a welcoming of the yang home to the yin. For many of us there have been long histories of throwing out this light technology archetype. Of judging it, rejecting it, castrating it, interrupting it, controlling it and fearing it. 

But this is a homecoming, of the part of us that embraces the technology that facilitates creative play and supports our creating and the creating that comes from the heart, comes from Love, comes from a state of ‘enoughness’ and comes from a place beyond need. 

Light technology – A New Wave ‘Rennaissance’ Age

This is the creating that will truly lift the earthly innovations and inventions beyond their current limitations. And it’s those people who are entering into this frequency now who are helping the climate of human consciousness shift to the right ‘temperature’, that it may be receptive to the new wave technologies that are coming in now, that are really exploring new principles – entirely new paradigms within technology.

New mechanisms, new activities, new principles, that are aligned with consciousness realisation and the awareness that comes with unity consciousness; that we are all connected, that everything is connected. And it’s a kind a renaissance, if you like, or what we would have called a renaissance but we’re going to have to find a new name for.”

Channeled through Lucy Hunter

Transmission Transcript

So there’s a big reset happening now in an inner archetype. And that’s supporting that overall shift. That can lead to us shifting the climate of our collective consciousness, so it’s at the right receptive temperature to receive these ideas that are coming in from an entirely new paradigm of technology. Technology informed by consciousness-awareness. These are coming in from our guides, from other races – what we call alien races – and those who are working with it.

And it’s aliveness, excitement and joy that characterise the evolution and development of these ideas. But that are also the compass for recognising when we are aligned with these higher vibrational ways of creating. So the earth problems that are perceived will be resolved through these new wave technologies, but they can’t be resolved with the attitude of ‘we are going to solve problems’. Or at least they can’t be fully resolved from a place of ‘we must solve problems.’

That’s not to say we should throw out the facet of consciousness that’s addressing problems from a place of ‘we must fix this.’ Because actually it can all work together, there’s much more harmony possible than it might appear. 

And those people diligently working on ‘how do we fix the problems’ are necessary and are part of what forms the bridge between the old world and the new world. For there’s a lot of development time required before this new wave technology and the inventions that haven’t yet come in, as well as the ones that are already being seeded, before they blossom. They have an evolutionary trajectory of growth, of expansion, of stabilisation that will meet this bridge coming from the direction of ‘we must fix the problem.’ The guides are showing me here a kind of bridge – a bridge from the past to the future and that there’s a kind of meeting in the middle. 

This is a bridge between the new world and the old world and there’s quite a complexity to how that meets, but it can and that’s what I’m being shown. So they’re saying not to judge where am I coming from, where are they coming from, where are you coming from, but to know where you’re aligned.

Doing the inner work with this Energy Gateway:

There’s an opportunity now to make a supported choice and ask: What do I want to be aligned for in my creating?

So part of this gateway; this now gateway is about: Do I want to make that choice? Do I want to align with playful creating and lift the vibration of the light technology in my world?

So you can know your own internal answer by feeling the shift when you ask yourself: How would it feel to be creating from a place of: ‘In this moment, for this moment, I am enough, nothing is needed of me…I open to what feels exciting.’ How do you feel when you say that?

And how would it feel to be creating from a place of: ‘I’ve got to fix these problems.’ How do you feel when you say that?

Now it may be when you hear the words, ‘I’ve really got to fix these problems’ that you feel super-charged and alive. In which case that’s where you’re coming from and that’s perfect. You can trust that, honour that and know you’re part of the picture of this world becoming new and healing itself.

But posing those two statements and asking; where is my aliveness? What am I here for? shows us where we’re aligned. And we can choose. There’s help available now for shifting from one paradigm to another with this, if we want to.

And the first option of ‘I would like to create from a place of play, a space of enoughness, from beyond need’ is not about pretending that there aren’t problems and not about pretending that those problems aren’t urgent. 

It’s just about facing them from a higher frequential vibration than the one that caused them. And the one they dwell in. 


This Update was received from guides happy to be known as the blue beings from Sirius, in the presence of GevaAnnVoice of Gaia, channeled & transmitted through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance) in response to the questions we were asking at the time.

These guides first began appearing to me back in 2009 and have been keeping me company ever since. Although I’m an open channel, I’m most in resonance with the guides, friends and family on the blue ray from Sirius. 

Header Image by Dung Tran from Pixabay

© 2021, Lucy Hunter

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