Alignment Meditation – What’s For Me Now – Self Healing

Healing ourselves with a daily check-in Meditation

Opening to Source - to receive what's for us and release what's not

This Meditation “What’s For Me Now” - works with Unconditional Gratitude in a Self-Healing Check-in. To keep us aligned, connected and receiving
A Self-Check-in Meditation For Moving Energies and being authentic with how we are in the present moment


Grounding in the physical, Centering and Opening the Gateway to Source – to the inflow of Infinite, Unconditional Love. However it wants to reach us, however it can, within the limits of our allowing.

Unconditional Gratitude – A way of finding out how we really feel in the moment and revealing what’s hidden and wanting to move in us

Embodying Sovereignty - how this kind of meditation helps

One of the vital components of embodying sovereignty is taking ownership for seeing, being with and opening to what’s hidden in us in the moment – in our energy fields, in our emotional and mental and physical fields. 


What’s hidden will always take opportunities to surface externally throughout our day, finding ways out that we are not in control of –  if it’s something that needs to move and transform in us.


When we’re taking that opportunity in meditation and self check-in to open to how we are in the moment and be with what’s moving, we don’t then need to manifest situations in the Cinema of Life, to show ourselves  what’s going on inside us. Or to have other people demonstrate it to us through mirroring, reflection or triggering feedback.


It can be a beautiful way to take simple ownership – a short moment with ourselves in the morning – or any time of day where we feel it might be helpful and find out how we are.

How this Meditation Works...

We start by saying “I Am the Infinite, Unconditional Gratitude I Am

When we open to the inflow of unconditional love, there is a part of us that always spontaneously responds as the divine flow of Gratitude. 

But that doesn’t mean we can feel that gratitude in the moment. Or that we should. 

In fact, stating, I Am the Infinite, Unconditional Gratitude is very likely to bring up the feelings and energies in us that are less than divine and less than grateful. 

And that’s perfect. Because here we are, connected to Source, receiving from within and everything that rises up in us is going to be held in that Love. Allowed to express and to be seen with compassion. 

So after stating I Am the Infinite Unconditional Love I Am – we bring loving awareness to the energies, emotions, sensations and thoughts that arise in us. 

We listen to ourselves and allow the energies to move. 

How we Self-Heal

As that energy moves, it gets to transform, so long as we remember not to judge it, not to try to fix it or change it or make it not be happening. 

And… so long as we remember not to ‘become’ it. Not to identify as the emotion or as the thought, or the energy. That means not going into story and trying to figure out why that thought or feeling is here and what we’re going to do about it. 

We keep listening as loving awareness to what’s moving and say 

I see you, I hear you, I understand. 

At some point, we might find ourselves saying “I Am the Infinite Unconditional Gratitude I Am” And that’s what we feel.

But there’s no “should” around that. It comes naturally when we are authentically, genuinely resonating with it. 


Asking "Where Am I" is setting Coordinates for Connection

This is a powerful Alignment statement. It opens us to receiving from the infinite and keeps us connected, embodied and supported throughout our day. 

Rather than experiencing ourselves in Oneness while we’re in meditation, then as this separate mind heart and body in the world during our day – we can keep the connection open all the time. So we’re reSourced in the moment, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. This is one of the pathways to instant connection, when we practice regular meditation.

When we’ve centered, turned our attention inward, brought our attention to notice the body and body sensations

Asking Where Am I is like putting coordinates into the Sat Nav for a destination we cannot name. 

It directs the attention to the Moreness we are. To the Self beyond the stories. The I who knows itself as one within the All That Is. 

So we ask the Question and then turn our attention to our hearts and centers, being with what moves in us in the moment – in our bodies, hearts, thoughts and awareness and in our energy fields. 

And because we’ve first grounded and centered and we’re in our bodies, physically present, it forms a bridge between our small self and our vastness. Allowing us to humanly rest in the infinity we are. However much of that we’re open to and can access. 

Regular deep dives into the self and regular meditation deepens how we access that, expands how we experience that and how embodied we can be with that. 

But even if we’re not feeling it – we’re still setting those coordinates for connection – directing our attention to the Self. And receiving from the More of Who We Are. It’s just that we may not be so aware of that connection or what we’re receiving from it. 

Asking answerless questions – asking is more important than receiving the answers. Asking isn’t an ask for knowledge. It’s a direct request for connection, alignment and expansion. 

And it acts instantly to redirect attention, from wherever it was focussed, to the seat of seeing and knowing as the Self. 

The deeper our Self explorations, the more we practice in meditation and embodied integration in every day life, the more directly we can access awareness in the moment and bring it any situation we find ourselves in. 


Asking What’s For Me Now
Opening to Move Energies, to Receive what’s for us and release what’s not & to get guidance from within

This Answerless Question gives permission for several things to happen. And whatever is in highest alignment for us will be what comes. 

Maybe there is something for us to be aware of in the moment – a dissonance in our energy fields, or in our thoughts or emotions. Something for us to see. OR work with energetically. 

Maybe there is something for us to receive from the infinite. Something that can support us. That can’t come in until we say YES to it and get out of the way of receiving. 

We don’t have to know if we’re healing or clearing or if we’re receiving. We just have to ask the question and let the energies move as they want to – as sensation, emotion, awareness or energy movement. 

This opens the gateway to receiving support as 

  •  A shift in our vibratory state.
  • As insight – we get answers to questions we’ve had percolating within us. 
  • As expansion in awareness – Something wants to come into our awareness and show us something
  • Or inspiration – we get clarity on what to do, what we want to create. 
  • Or we receive what we don’t even know we need. 


We open to Love to bring us what’s for us in the moment

And we’ll feel or know when there’s no more movement. Maybe nothing comes for us in the moment and that’s fine. The important thing is turning to ask. 

It’s this turning to ask that trains us to face inwards, turn towards our Higher Selves and the infinite Unconditional Love of All That Is and say yes – to receiving what’s for us and releasing what’s not. 

So that we can manifest more of Grace and ease in our days and call to us more of what’s for us in life. Keeping us aligned, on track and living our purpose. Even when we don’t know what it is. 

For deeper support with self healing try this short video

For healing uncomfortable feelings

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