Activation Meditation & Akashic Update- A love story in the body –

10 min Morning Meditation – Opening the heart to receive the light –

Light Codes from the crown, received in the heart and throughout the body

This New Moon, I witnessed a beautiful light code activation took place in the akash of our collective human blueprints. You may have noticed being called to slow down, to rest, to drop in. It is because there was much to receive. And it is in beingness that we receive. Whether for you that’s a momentary pause or a day’s deep rest. There is an activation of earth energies in the body’s meridians now. And it can be affecting us in different ways, but if you feel the call to rest, trust this. Your body knows what it needs you to do right now. And just know – nothing is wrong. We’re just finding our way back to the mother, back to soul, back to earth – in every part of us, the most harmonious way we can manage. All is well.

Soul Alignment – the passive principle The heart gateway to source was open and calling us home to soul. To align in the divine deeps of beingness and to let go. To give up the past – let it be taken from us, rather than worked on and worked out of our systems. Dropping into our divine feminine and into the oceanic formless realms to say YES to the love we are – this was preparation for opening us to the highest possible alignment to receive from the divine masculine.

Light nourishment – the active principle The Crown gateway was open and receiving the inflow of white light, with its light encodements, ready to activate new instructions, reminding us of our aligned masculine energies and how they could be safely, lovingly welcomed and received within the body’s bio-energetic fields.

Sacred Alchemy – the inner marriage of love and light – as the heart welcomes the light, inner masculine and feminine become one in a sacred alchemy. And this allows in the new instructions:

  • for more of unity, less of separation.
  • For a more embodied experience of multidimensionality.
  • For a more deeply felt connection to divine oneness awareness

Just like mother nature – this moon cycle and us – This beautiful alignment & activation is natural for this moon-cycle, when the light is called down into the deeps of the earth, through the leaves of the spring plants, bringing nutrients from the sun to what’s growing underground.

Dissolving 3d into 5d in our DNA – Our bodies are remembering oneness within as a vibratory state of being. The synchronicity between what’s seasonal in nature and what’s opening in our energy-biology is a delicious symptom of this homecoming. The re-alchmisation of our energy biology is a symptom of the akash of our human blueprints being rewritten, changing the instructions in our DNA to generate more of an embodied experience of oneness. This helps the continuing dissolve of the codes in us encoding the body to experience itself in separation to the earth, to the cosmos and to the all that is.

Trusting Tiredness; Activity will follow – The invitation to deep rest in the run up to this new moon was a divine opportunity to let go of the tension held in the physical fields. This is tension arising from ancient histories and long cycles of holding the self in separation from the whole. Whenever a layer of this dissolves from an aspect of us, deep rest and what I call ‘sacred tiredness’ can take hold. And it is to be celebrated.

It is a delightful sign that a little more of us is relaxing back into naturalness. That naturalness is in encoded in our divine blueprints. Every lunar gateway is an opportunity to drop a little deeper in.

Embodying the shift – Let the body lead – when we truly let go into deep rest – when that’s what we’re called to do, we can trust that what we receive in that spaciousness will energise us. And we’ll want to get moving again soon enough. This time, renewed, refreshed – and more than a little difference. When we do move, it can be helpful to let the body show us how it wants to move, what it wants to do. Our bodies are integrating new and complex energies, new expansions. Forces are flowing more fully through alchemical pathways, like rivers after rain. And the body knows how it needs to integrate that. So if you have an exercise routine, don’t just do the same thing you always do, insert a little time to listen, to how your body wants to move. Dancing is always the freest way to do that. But not the only way. Let the body lead and show you what it needs.

Going forward – Saying Yes to what’s now, yes to what’s new – I invite you to ask and notice – what feels and looks different about my body today? Trust that new instructions activate new qualities and can change us. It can be important to say ‘yes’ to being changed. Trusting that every new light inflow, every deep alignment, we’re simply opening to more of our Self. What we receive isn’t coming from outside us. It’s coming from us. And it’s safe.

Here’s a free 10min morning practice for this lunar cycle and beyond.

For the full journey, access this here


Resting in the deeps of beingness, letting go of what’s not for us and opening to activational light through the crown. In the cells and the body bio-energetics. For embodied connection as the divine multidimension humans we are.

This New Moon we dived deep in our Akashic Alignment online journey as we opened to what’s now in this gateway

Called to be in the very deeps of ourselves, as though going to sleep in the deepest rest, we fell into the formless realms to float, to let go and to ready ourselves for renewing. This letting go was a falling in to our deeps through the gateway in the heart. Into the formless realms where the Self remembers its own journey of becoming, of being birthed within the all that is. From here a deep rewrite was taking place in the akash of our blueprints – building pathways and forging connections to allow more of remembering, more of embodiment, to be present with us in our bodies. This expansion of light took place in the cells, as lightcodes flowed in with the white light entering through the crown. Combining the passive and the active principles of alignment and activation, multidimensionality opened up more physically in the body – allowing for greater embodiment of our moreness as the divine multidimensional human beings we are.

Header image – unknown artist

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