What the Dragons Have to Say – Finding our Fire

Healing our Internal Conflicts, Aligning our Inner Fire, Gaia Terraforming New Earth & Symbiotic Physiology

“You have within you the heat which turns stone to liquid.” 

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Healing our internal conflicts releases our creative fire – in balance, in alignment, in service to our living as the truth of who we are. Just as owning our responses when we feel this fire is one of the many ways we can reclaim our sovereignty and rewrite the way we’re creating our reality. As the world responds to big events collectively, the opportunity for our realising our connectedness, reclaiming our fire and transcending our need to manifest battle energy outwardly moves us forward together phenomenally.

The dragons of the hills where I live had this to say (channeled yesterday 31-05-2020)

“You have within you the heat which turns stone to liquid. This alchemical dance can be either destruction or creation or both. What does it destroy and what does it create. What is the alchemy of destruct and create within you. This is your responsibility. For in this picture we are approaching, Gaia herself will be re-expressing that dance of creation in the elemental kingdoms within herself. 

You can ask for harm to none. 

Align yourself with the emerging truth you are.

And you will help the formation of the new – in the physicology of the new earth. 

It is very much in physiology in which you will all be very focussed. You will have your awareness brought to your physiology, because the physiology of Gaia is reforming. How it will be experienced is down very much to the consciousness – the collective consciousness of humanity. There will be volcanoes, there will tornadoes, there will be tsunamis. There will be what you would call acts of God which will be, more immediately acts of Gaia, rebirthing, reforming, recreating, renewing. And all that she does will support your upshift within her for she loves her children. But it is the choice of you and all of you collectively as to how you will experience this, in order that it supports your upshift and your ascension within her.

The more of your internal conflicts you can heal, the greater your capacity to realise – make real – your symbiotic phsyiology with the physiology of the earth. The more you realise your bodily symbiosis within this picture of the elements, the picture of the planet, the easier your experiences can be. 

Those of you with your hands in the soil are already feeling this, those of you knowing you need to plant vegetables are already feeling this, those of you feeling you need to get fit are already feeling this, those of you knowing you need to review your waste and creation habits are already feeling this, those of you looking at the patterns of production and supply and asking questions, you are already feeling this. Those of you noting wasteful needless consumption are already feeling this.

There is no need to panic. There is no set deadline for accomplishment, you are on the right track and your focus, your attention will be returned to this track again and again.

Why do you think we sent to you one, as a child, who spoke the truth uncompromisingly at this time, before these events. Why do you think this happened. 

Why was this phenomena part of your upshift. So that you could remember and re-realise yourselves as also earth. This illusion of being consciousnesses inhabiting a vehicle that is somehow separate to the organism within which you are living is ending and this ending is supported.

You will be supported in it, this is your great movement. Much has taken place behind the scenes in consciousness to prepare all for this. But as this upshift in awareness moves through the realms of the physical it will be, shall we say, unmissable for most. Collectively you shall live through this. Collectively you shall be called home. Collectively your focus shall be returned, recalled, to Oneness, to your centres, to your Selves. As you are in – how you are in – connectivity within, with All Life, With All That Is.

How all impacts all, how everything impacts everything else. How you are connected within the planet and her systems and how your bodies are also made of the earth. And all that is focussed within her. Nothing in your bodies maintains you in a state of separation – apart from her. Your bodies are of the stars, your bodies are of the earth and your bodies are of the beyond. 

Within your bodies you have everything that you are but you are not just bodies. You are ALSO your bodies. And you shall be moving through a sequence of events that helps to bring this awareness unequivocally into the theatre of your collective reality so that you may continue to actively process all of your expectations, beliefs, responses, desires, dreams and other tools with which you cocreate reality.” 

about channeling – safe listening

Channeled through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance).

Lucy is an open channel, acting as a voice for messages of unconditionally loving integrity, from all of consciousness.

Channeling is a way of speaking from points of focus beyond the personality. It is an art and the messages that come through in this way are a perspective. They cannot be an absolute truth and they can never replace our own truth. The most any messenger can hope to do, I feel, is transmit information, codes, keys and frequencies, that open us more deeply to our own truth, help us remember latent gifts and awarenesses and access more of our innate knowingness. For me that’s the purpose of sharing this. Never to impose upon or replace what we know for ourselves.

So this is why I suggest, with all channeling and in fact with transmissions of any kind, from anywhere, from anyone, to engage what I call our ‘inner listener.’ The ultimate filter and our highest source for personal discernment.

I do this with intention and attention. I intend that only that which is for me should land. I bring my attention to my heart and centre and stay focussed on how I feel, physically, in my whole body, while I’m open to what someone else is transmitting. There’s more to it for me, but this is my basic, return to point for safe listening.

audio channeling – what the dragons have to say May 31st 2020

What the Dragons Have to Say – Creative Fire, Gaia, the changes to come and the New Earth

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