We Avoided A Disaster.

“Humanity has achieved something we did not think at all possible”

The Councils of Light Overseeing the Ascension on Planet Earth bring a message of encouragement. 

“The speed at which humanity is awakening to the truth of themselves is far greater, far faster and in far greater numbers than was predicted to be even remotely possible.”

councils of light overseeing planetary ascension

Channeled through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

Councils of Light – You Have Avoided A Disaster

Transcript Below

During the eclipse window, I had the strange experience that reminded me of everything felt just before 911. A few days later, the George Floyd event had happened and we moved collectively into a huge process that we’re still in. Ining that time, the messages from the guides that came through, were bringing the information that there were more wave events to follow in 2020. 

What they were saying was that the purpose of these events was to call us home to our hearts. 

They were also saying that the more we consciously called ourselves home to our hearts, the more we would mitigate the need for and the intensity of these wave events of 2020. 

This is not to say there will be nothing more. There is more for us to work through as a collective this year. But this is to share some really good news.

From everything I could see, feel and the messages that were coming through – even the astrological readings of others – it seemed as though we were scheduled for another major wave event during the last full moon lunar eclipse period. I had felt this coming.

But I felt something else in their messages – a question mark over whether we would really need to go through this. A whisper of a possibility that together we could shift into our hearts and reduce the need for this event. Or at least the intensity of it. 

As we approached the full moon lunar eclipse, I could feel the shape of the event looming on the horizon. But on the other side of that eclipse, when I looked, it had gone. I couldn’t find the shape of it anywhere. It had gone.

And I knew – we had collectively shifted and changed our reality in a really major way. 

There had been a major wave event looming up on the horizon. And suddenly it was gone. The shape of the future had changed. And this meant one thing – our consciousness had shifted to such a level, we’d transmuted the need to manifest one of these scheduled 2020 disasters. 

I’d seen this possibility. The guides had spoken of it. And now it was happening. We’d shifted phenomenally and avoided disaster. I couldn’t quite believe it. 

Needing extra confirmation of this, I checked in with GevaAnn – oracle, master channel and constant source of channeled guidance in the highest truth and integrity. We’ve been working together for many years and she’s been my ultimate person to go to, whenever I need to check the accuracy of what I’m receiving. I always check and double check within until I’m satisfied that what I’m going to share is coming from the highest possible level of truth and accuracy that I can support. But sometimes you need to hear from someone you trust. *

The guides spoke through GevaAnn in response to my seeking confirmation of what I was ‘seeing.’

This is what they said…

Channeling transcript

“The wave of awakening, the movement of the wave, the volume of the wave, the speed of the wave is far, far greater than was ever predicted. 

The speed at which humanity is awakening to the truth of themselves is far greater, far faster and in far greater numbers than was predicted to be even remotely possible.

Do you understand the momentousness of this?

Humanity has achieved something we did not think at all possible. 

Yes, humanity has done this a few times, recently. But not on this scale. You continue to surprise us. You continue to amaze us. 

In all that you have achieved, all that you have are willing to experience, all that you are willing to move through, all that you are willing to be. So that you can travel with Gaia as she ascends, so that you can all be present. This was your collective choice and you have gone beyond, beyond, beyond what was ever expected that you could do to achieve this. We are in awe of what is being achieved in earth, with Gaia, with Humanity, with All of Life, with Love. 

And so, cataclysmic events, monumental events are less and less likely to be needed to bring humanity to their hearts. For more and more and more are choosing this in every second, in every moment. This is what is so momentous. 

We are in awe. 

We are the councils of light overseeing the ascension of planet earth Thank you. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. And for your great willingness. All of you. Thank you. “

Channeled 9th July 2020 through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia


Saying this, I always say that these messages, channelings and transmissions of any kind, however pure, still come through an individual. Even an individual surrendered to Oneness Awareness. And every individuation we are refracts the light of consciousness subjectively. It doesn’t mean it isn’t truth. It may mean that what someone else says isn’t our truth in this now moment though. So, for this reason, I always suggest listening with discernment. I have my own ways of doing that. When I’m channeling for others, I always start with a process for supporting this, so we’re safe and receiving in our hearts, with our unique discernment fully activated. 

© copyright Lucy Hunter 2020

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