Videos – 2 Channeled Messages from Sirius – Heart-Led Technology

& ‘Thank You, Sovereign Beings’

The Blue Ray Beings and the Lirans (Lion Beings) Speak on our collective evolution

“So the recommendation is to close the outward facing eyes, turning the awareness inwards. Maintaining attention on your internal experience. 

Heart-Led New Paradigm Technology

Transcript and 2nd Channeled Video Message Below

Heart Led Technology for the New Paradigm – How our Consciousness determines whether Technology serves or separates us – Channeled Message from the Blue Ray Beings

Safe Listening and Detaching from ‘Phenomena’:

“We are the Sirius Blue Ray Beings. We are grateful to have this opportunity to speak with you at this time. We find these events that are taking place within earth phenomenal. And phenomena is, shall we say, the word of the moment.

Phenomena can be extraordinarily distracting. Phenomena can draw the attention into the symptom, the surface of something, when it would benefit more greatly, more deeply, more profoundly, if it could be called instead into the heart of something. So we suggest again you call the awareness into the heart. Your own heart and centre. And away from the phenomena of perhaps the energy work taking place on the screen at the time of our speaking. This is a good example. Notice the difference of what you experience when you draw your awareness into your centre. Compared to what you experience when you are witnessing the phenomena of energy work taking place on the screen. 

We of the Blue Ray quite often bring forth the more technical aspects of, shall we say, spiritual information. We hold the codes and keys for the technicalities of how consciousness is constantly in a process of renewal. Rewriting itself. Recoding itself. And if we were to be constantly focussed in the tecnology for its own sake, we would very quickly be disconnected from the purpose. From the Source. From the Heart. 

Technology is there to support Purpose – that depends on us:

See, technology of itself is simply supportive. It is supportive of cause, it is supportive of purpose, it is supportive of in fact state change. New wave technology, new wave technology, new paradigm technology and indeed you are moving collectively into a new age of technology. New paradigm technology is supportive of a state change and it is the choice of the consciousness interfacing with technology as to the state change that shall be supported.

So, if we mean by this the consciousness interfacing with technology of any description, has made a choice within itself to – a spiritual choice within itself, you might call it – to be more centred, to serve the heart’s purpose, to enter, live and create in a more connected state, to open to a more connected state of awareness, then the technology itself must arise in service to that intention, to that choice.

When Technology Supports Disconnectivity:

If the consciousness interfacing with technology has made a choice to explore technology for its own sake it shall find itself moving away from its heart and centre. It shall find itself moving into a state of greater fragmentation. 

Disconnectivity and eventually a disconnected and reduced state of awareness. If consciousness has made this choice.

So you see we say this because it is important to draw your attention to the enormous paradigm shift that is taking place with reference to the theme of technology itself. Quite often technology is perceived as something that disconnects us. Something that has the capacity to harm us, whereas in fact it is the choices arising in the consciousnesses interfacing with this technology that determines how it shall be experienced. 

5G – healing our personal technology paradigm brings forward harmonious, sybiotic new inventions:

That was a little demonstration. We could say more on this point. Certainly with reference to the hot topics of now. We could talk about 5g and harmonic resonance. We could talk about how technology manifests at a level which reflects the level of the consciousness calling it into being and how as you shift the paradigm, this internal paradigm, this technology paradigm, within yourselves, the technology which manifests will manifest at a higher resonance – a higher frequential resonance. You see, 5g and the purpose this is serving can manifest through a platform of technology which is in fact in harmonious interface with your interconnected fields of consciousness. There is the capacity for this. The potential for this. And as you shift your resonance, your frequential resonance – and you do this by healing your wounded expectations and shifting your internal paradigm of relationship with technology, so that the technology and the choices that your consciousness is making, bring the technology in your world into service to your heart’s intentions. And you clear your wounded relationships which come from a traumatic history of interfacing with structure – not just technology, but structure – in such a way as structure has harmed the heart; technology has been harmful to the heart, disconnective. As you heal your stories with this you raise your own frequential resonance and so collectively you manifest and make possible platforms for this technology to serve the purpose which it is serving in a way that is in sympathetic resonance with your heart’s purpose. 

There are new Technologies waiting in the wings:

As you shift your resonance you open doorways for the innovations which are waiting to come through. To find their way into your planetary vaults and from those vaults to be liberated into manifestation at a much higher octave. A much higher – by higher, we mean more wholesome, more whole and in support of wholeness – of manifested inventions. Your technology has a long way to go and it is responsive to the evolution of your consciousness. 

Wave Events of 2020 – Calling Us Home to the Heart so New Technologies Can Come Forward :

As humanity moves into its heart, how technology manifests shall continue to lift, in order to be in greater service to the purposes of humanity’s heart. Everything arises in service to the heart. And that is why you are collectively having your hearts opened. So you may access more deeply your divine humanity. The unconditional resonances that emerge within your hearts now. These resonances call all home into a more supportive, more loving relationship. Can you see how having your hearts opened now can lead to fantastic new inventions finding their way into the planet, serving a resonant, harmonious ecology.

The Ecology of the Heart

This ecology of the heart. And how this ecology of the heart can be present – can manifest as inventions, cocreations, new ways of being. living, existing and thriving within the planet as a symbiotic part of her ecology, which you all have the full potential to be and which your technology has the full potential to serve you in becoming. It begins, as ever, with the opening and the softening of the heart.

The gateway and centre for divine wisdom, knowingness, inspiration and all that truly connects you to all that you would wish to know, discover, receive and create. Ending the illusion of your separation within yourselves, from each other, from the planet, from all that is. In simple ways. These wave events to come – the wave events of 202 are in service, quite simply, to your homecoming to the heart. 

Thank you.

We are the Blue Ray Beings from Sirius delighting to bring you technological transmissions from the heart.

Channeled 2020-06-03

Liran – Sirius Lion Beings with a message of Thanks & Recognition

Transcript Below

Liran Beings’ Message of Thanks and Recognition – Channeled Message

We wish to thank you greatly. All of you, specifically all of you. And specifically you. Each and every one of you. For being here now. We feel you have heard this many times. We feel you cannot hear this often enough. 

Simply by being here you are one with the waves of change that are transforming not just your reality but a reality that affects many intergalactically. You are affecting not just humanity but all of your communities. Your earth communities are made up of the consciousnesses within the earth, many of which are still hidden, largely, to a great many of you. You are helping the communities of your galaxies. Your intergalactic communities, made up of those who are largely hidden from many of you, still. And yet what you do, simply by being here, is of such great service to the changing nature of reality itself. A reality within which many communities are affected for as we create, we create together. We honour you. Each and every one of you. For being here now. Thank you. 

We invite you to feel our gratitude now in your heart. Our honouring now. And make an open invitation to feel that connectivity to those you cannot yet see, perhaps do not yet know of. And yet, are very much one with.

Thank you. 

The truth is always within your hearts. Your truth of your moment. Let no one take that from you. 

And let everything be in service to your accessing, uncovering, holding this within yourselves. We speak as sovereign beings to the sovereign beings we see you as. Which is why we speak of this. We are the Lirans. The Lion beings from Sirius. We love you, we honour you and we see – we know you as sovereign beings.   

Channeled 2020-06-03

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