Video pt2 – Sovereignty & Tyranny

Changing of the Guard

Part 2 of a 3 part transmission that came through on Monday 8th June 2020 – artwork daniel b. holeman
Sovereignty & Tyranny – Changing of the Guard 2020

“A true leader – this is not about doing away with leadership – a true leader arises as a reflection of the sovereignty in the hearts of their people. And fosters that sovereignty. It’s not about throwing out the leader. It’s about reclaiming our sovereignty and allowing the changing of the guard, which will lead to a changing of leadership.”

Every moment where we are authentic with what we feel… we are lovingly dissolving that old guardian and protector. The true guardian arises when the heart is soft and open. A true leader arises as a reflection of sovereignty in the hearts of their people. When we do this within ourselves, we call forth true leadership in ourselves and our world. We move beyond ‘make this not be happening.’

Video Transcript:


In this picture of the tyrant dissolving into emerging sovereignty, this is happening in us. And as it happens in each of us, it happens in the collective consciousness of humanity and as it happens in the collective consciousness of humanity it is played out in manifestation on the world stage. So whether we are looking outwards into our world’s creations or whether we are looking inwards into ourselves there is one large story, right now, taking pride of place in the picture of the collective evolution of humanity’s consciousness. 

At the moment. 


And it’s a picture of the death of tyranny into emerging sovereignty. It’s a picture of the dissolution of polarity into the unity that transcends this versus this; light versus dark, white versus black, good versus evil. This polarity – this polarity simply begets tennis matches. It’s where the need for conflict lives and as a paradigm it’s collapsing from our collective consciousness, which means it’s collapsing from our collective creations, which means we’re here, present, showing up for the show. Each of us with a part to play, somewhere to be, with a song to sing within this picture. 


I spoke a little bit about the alchemy of sovereignty versus the alchemy of tyranny. The alchemy of tyranny being where we look outwards into our creations, perceiving ourselves as isolated units in separation and respond fearfully with a ‘make this not be happening’ when we see dissonance and suffering. And the alchemy of sovereignty, where we take that gaze and turn inwards and realchemise the heart as a gateway to that I that knows itself to be one with all that is, connected AS love with Love and can only see Love, when it looks outwards, from this inward facing place. Responding as Love, re-alchemising how the body acts. This inward facing gaze negates the need for the mind to be the interface between this I and its creations. This inward facing gaze mitigates the need for external leadership to be an externalised authority that governs by telling us what is right and wrong, what we should and should not do. This inward facing gaze that connects us to the Love that we are, connects us to the I that knows. Love simply knows. It knows itself. It knows in each moment what it’s for. What is right, where in this moment, this Self, this I has to be. 


So sovereignty in a crisis – the alchemy of sovereignty in a crisis is one of turning inwards, owning whatever emotions are arising in us in response to our creations but not acting from the mind, out of fear, in a way that is attempting to make those creations not be happening.

Instead owning those emotional responses, holding them in the love that we are, allowing them to move through us, pass, change shape, not acting upon them. But acting upon Love’s impulse in us. When we turn inwards we bring our emotions to the Love that we are, we bring our emotions inwards and we say ‘I Am hurting’ recalling these emotions and bringing them home and Love can hold and dissolve them. The love that we are can hold and dissolve those. They can go home. They can vibrate out of our awareness, vibrate out of the fields that we are and no longer be a part of what we are carrying within this planet, what we are carrying within this story, in this picture of humanity creating and manifesting moment to moment. When we clear oursleves of those emotions there is space for Love to direct us creatively, not destructively towards one another but creatively, with each other. But in this picture there is a story of emerging sovereignty and death of tyranny. And we’re looking at tyranny within ourselves as where the mind becomes a tyrant over that heart wisdom. Over the body’s actions and choices. Where the mind is given the job of choosing. See, that’s too much for it to do. 


You could look outwardly at bodies of police officers who are having to choose what to do in a moment of crisis, having been given the job of controlling what’s happening. And how confusing that is and how it leads to violence and how it really provides a platform for aggression and violence and that fear response of ‘make this not be happening’. And what that looks like, when it’s played out as bodies against bodies. How could they possibly know in that moment? Are they empowered in their sovereign selves, able to act in their heart wisdom, knowing what’s right in that moment? No. They’ve been disempowered to act from a tyranny base of ‘you should control the situation and make it not be happening. And dominate and assert your power.’

And there is confusion there because the heart is always alive in a moment of crisis and that whole platform of domination disintegrates in a moment of crisis and what you’re left with, when the fear even, has fallen away, is simply love for your fellow man and the heart knows what is right and wrong in the moment. And that terrible confusion of the mind needing to assert itself as the tyrant and master over the situation leads to devastating violence and we’re simply seeing, played out as a manifestation, an alchemy that is happening in ourselves so much of the time. 

Every time we let our mind make a decision about what should happen based on what we think, based on looking outwards into our creations, being afraid of what’s wrong with them, feeling like we need to be the ones controlling that and making something not be happening – and that WE need to be the ones making whatever it is not be happening, or be happening. When we do that, in the minutest, tiniest details of our lives, we are empowering the tyrant within us. 


And here is a story of that dissolution. As humanity has shifted – and we have shifted, phenomenally – collectively, within our human blueprints, within the energetic makeup of how we are right now, we have access – direct access through our heart gateways to the more of who we are. To the infinity I. To the beyondness that we are. To the Self that knows itself from beyond a disconnected state. Whether we are conscious of that, how we are conscious of that, that IS happening in the picture of collective consciousness. The shifts and changes that are taking place in our light bodies, in our human blueprints. And this emergence of sovereignty – for as we open those gateways within ourselves, or as they open – whether we are aware of this or not – we have greater, more direct access to this I that knows itself in a state of connectivity, that knows itself as the Love it is. That knows everything as the Love it also is. And actually knows that beyond everything that’s been learnt and taught and experienced, when it looks outwards and sees another, this other isn’t separate. Individuated, certainly, different in ways, perhaps – on the surface. 


But what difference means now is changing. 

Difference isn’t something to use in order to define separation, one from the other. Difference isn’t something to heighten our focus upon; e.g. this is how this individuated consciousness knows itself as not-you. As ‘not-this as not-the other; great! I can define myself…’

We are changing how we define ourselves and this is a very frightening time for consciousness. We no longer need to define ourselves by: ‘I know what I am because I know what I’m not and I’m not you.’

But there is an opening, deep below the surface, vibrating as a resonance through the fields of collective consciousness, ever increasing, of ‘I know myself as the Love you also are. We’re not separate.’

This is an ‘Is-ness’ if you like, from where I’m sat in a ‘seeing’ sense; as a seer. 

This simply is. It’s happening. 


This self that can look to another self and see love with a different face, can love that face equally. However it appears. And this is the more real. This lives within each of us and in a moment of crisis, this is what emerges.

This is why the need for crisis. This is really rather accelerating our opening to this awareness. What it begets is a death. As consciousness, at a deep level within itself, before it even really hits the level of awareness, recognises that as I look outwardly I see the face of love – I see love with a different face. But I know this Love as the Love I am, as the Love everything is. We are connected. Consciousness begins to look out and see there is no ‘out’ as such, what dies is this creation that we’ve made of otherness. Outwardness. The I that looks out and sees difference, looks for difference, defines itself by difference. That’s dying. And there is a death happening.


The tyrant in us is dying and fighting that death. For any part of us, whether that’s the whole human self or simply an aspect of our consciousness that is dying to itself will fight that death. 

And so there is an intensifying of conflict. Before we transcend polarity there is an intensifying of the manifestation of polarity as it seeks to preserve itself. 

For it is simply the natural and one of the deepest reactions to the fear of being uncreated, is to fight that. Rather than to allow the renewal – the re-emergence. 

Well, in this picture, it’s not that the old needs to die before the new can emerge. It’s that the new is emerging and the old has to die. There’s no other way. This is going to happen. We can mitigate the extent of the violence that needs to manifest when we own our sovereignty. When we allow the graceful death of the inner tyrant. When we shift from responding as a mind, looking out in fear, into the world of its creations worrying about what needs to happen to make this not be happening, to turning inwards, knowing the love that we are, responding as the love that we are and letting that realchemize how we move in the world. And even in a crisis and especially in a crisis, Love knows what to do, how to be and how to act. That’s sovereignty. That’s where the need for an external leader to tell us what to do right now simply falls away. 


When that love can take a step further and feel compassion for the part of itself that’s afraid of dying, the part of itself and made its body safe by governing with the mind, and making the mind the tyrant over that heart wisdom and controlling what the body does, as that alchemy dies in us it’s like an old guardian and protector dying in us. And we can either fight it or we can honour it, thank it, lay it gracefully to rest and have compassion for ourselves for the fear that may arise in us as we make this shift. 


The more consciously we make this shift, the less of a need there is for external situations to manifest this conflict and crisis, to call us into it. But one way or another we are being called into this. And what is beautiful now is that we have internally made this shift already many times, within many layers of who we are. Collectively. I’m not saying every single person has done this. Collectively we have made this shift in our consciousness, it’s not new to us. We are simply collapsing and dissolving an old reality from our physical worlds. Our material worlds. Our civilised creations. Our civilised creations are being called home And in this is the death, many histories, many timelines, many stories, encapsulated and encoded within our DNA, are dissolving. 


When we own our sovereignty, we shift that alchemy. We align ourselves with the experience of the dissolution of the old into the emerging new. But every moment where we empower the mind and the tyrant, we call ourselves into the picture of collapse. The old collapsing into seeming emptiness. Not actually. But seeming emptiness and it’s very frightening. And both experiences are available to us, both within ourselves and on the world stage. The dissolution and the collapse. But to call ourselves home, to the love that we are, to our hearts and centres, where that gateway to sovereignty is opening in all of humanity and to access infinite, unconditional love that we are, in a crisis we can respond as that love. And we see this. And where we place our awareness is what we amplify. So in this picture of dissolution within ourselves, every moment where we are authentic with what we feel, we are calling ourselves home to a more graceful experience. We are lovingly dissolving that old guardian and protector,whose time has come. We are calling ourselves home to softness and vulnerability and finding the new strength – the lasting and sustaining strength, that arises from that vulnerability in softness, that calls forward the true protector. 


Now if you’ve heard the chief of police of – I think it was Houston – talking, addressing the president, he speaks as the sovereign protector. Those words come from an awareness that was using the words of the sovereign protector. You can hear in those words the principles of responding peacefully, of listening, responding with kindness and not empowering that voice that would respond out of fear as the tyrant in domination. That’s a protective response to strength that arises in response to softness and a demonstration of the heart’s wisdom. Arising in a moment with those words. Let’s detach those words from his personality, his stories, what he has and hasn’t done. Whether he’s been credited or not. Just those words, arising at that time in a voice of authority in a moment of crisis. Just those words. 

As examples of when the heart speaks. That’s the wisdom that can come forward and it calls forth the changing of the guard. 


It allows the knees to bend to sovereignty. And that sovereignty that is a sovereignty in each of us. The sovereignty of Love, that just knows how to govern itself moment to moment. 

A true leader – this is not about doing away with leadership – a true leader arises as a reflection of the sovereignty in the hearts of her people. His people. And fosters that sovereignty. It’s not about throwing out the leader. It’s about reclaiming our sovereignty and allowing the changing of the guard, which will lead to a changing of leadership. 


© 2020 Lucy Hunter – Infinity Resonance

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