Update Transmission: being the calm in the storm 2019

Staying stable through change

Coming weeks…

Channelled Message:
It’s another one of those times when it’s important to maintain equilibrium in the centre of the rhythm that is your unique signature frequency.
Much has been collected recently and gathered for release. Much is being released from the akashic records that are held within the elemental kingdoms within the realms of matter in the earth. And just right now and in weeks to come there will be a call to stay simple and breathe into your now moment and pause, turning inwards for a pause. This helps your inner rhythm find domain and it can resonate out from within you, to hold you in its field and help you stay fully aligned.
Being as aligned as you are able to be in each moment will enable you to walk step by step forward while the kingdoms around you are going through great change.
Being aligned, you can maintain your way on your path while the landscape around you is changing.
You are supported and there are teams on hand through all the realms to guide you to return to your centre, to your path and not to be pulled into what is the activity of release and renewal. The more you maintain awareness in your centre, the more you will help your experience and one of the ways to do that by staying true to what is right for you in this moment.
A good anchor for that knowing that is asking, what is loving, what is kind.
This is a new guide for some of you because it is asking you to trust yourselves to align with what is supportive. But this is the path of Grace and the way to move forward through times of change while maintaining Grace in your human experience.
There is much afoot in the world right now and many realities co-existing.
It is a time to be aligned with your highest resonential potential not thru efforting or panicking that you are not highly aligned enough – in fact by releasing yourselves from panicking whether you are highly aligned enough but it is very important not to be pulled out of your centre into stories that have already left your fields of consciousness.
Others will be relating their stories, visibly, audibly, situationally and it will help if you can hear the story of another, recognise its familiarity and remain clear that this is no longer your story to get caught up in. In fact, if you can rest in compassion while you are witness to the story, you will help the story dissolve more fully for yourself.

One way to come back to centre is to ask what feels right, right now, inviting sensory awareness to guide you to the space within your self where there is calm, beyond the noise. This calls us home to Source, resting us in the infinite. It is a falling inward.
In making choices, listening to how different decisions affect feelings in the body and that moving energy of vital life force, can help bring us into unity, including the human animal as the divinely aligned focus of consciousness here in this now moment. Trusting what feels good and gets energy moving in a new way for us can help us recognise what’s right for us in the unscripted moment of here. So our feet walk us forward into what’s right for us here and now.

I’ll be updating my page with more on the tantric union of archetypes, on movement and war in the collective and how we can work with that as individuals.
With a Story of Now update to follow soon.
Lucy x

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