Transmission: Centering in Our Own Nature & the Orion Gateway 9-12-18

A download transmission on feeling the flavour of our true nature and maintaining a sense of Self in personal relationships. In celebrating play and being present with the universal shifts in our fields.

Listening to Audio Transmissions: To get the most from listening to a transmission, let yourself come to stillness and bring the awareness inwards, coming to rest in the heart. Notice how you feel more than what you hear. The words carry energetic packages that will either land or pass you by depending on their appropriateness.

This came through last night when GevaAnn and I were guided up the hill, to sit in the earth and watch the stars. 

This is also a transmission for resting us in our dimensional centres, at one with the humanness of our love, welcoming the human loving heart’s expression to guide us in our friendships as we realign ancient Galactic alliances, from their origin in need based connecting. As we call the larger parts of our selves home to unity, we join the dance of Life’s interconnectedness and find our relationships follow us when they’re in support of this, without our needing to reach across a chasm for them

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