Thoughts for the day

A Revolution in Awareness

– choices change the world

People talk about the new age and spirituality in a way that’s trying to make sense of what it is and in that process there’s naming and identifying. Classifying and analysing. And that’s ok. That’s the external sensibilities trying to make sense of what the eyes can see and the mind can process.

But there’s a revolution in awareness happening.

And people undergoing a revolution in awareness make new choices.

And new choices change the world.

The war on consciousness is not the only war being fought in the world but it is one we can fully own and take command of. Within ourselves.

The battleground within ourselves is the site for inner victories 

Tiny victories. Massive, landslide victories. Within ourselves. Whenever we realise there’s something we can change about how we’re writing reality.

We do that on our own. But a world of people doing that on their own arrive at some strikingly similar conclusions. And this happening adds up to a world of people making new choices.

That’s what this is all about. Awakening ourselves to our expanded awareness, waking up every day to the more of who we are. And living it, little by little. Finding we can’t do something today the way we did it yesterday because something new feels right. Having the humility to open to what’s unknown in us – letting what’s never been before have space in our experience of who we are. Who we think we are.

There is a call right now in the world to show up as who we truly are.

And we can do that with our choices

When we free ourselves from choosing out of fear but open to the love that pours in from the more of who we are. In these moments with these choices in our hearts, there can come a glimpse of Grace. A new inspiration. A fresh idea. A shift in outlook and suddenly something that didn’t exist a moment ago opens up a pathway we couldn’t see and brings in what we need to take the steps upon it. While being the place that dissolves the obstacles in us that appear the moment we take those steps.

It’s all there in us, in one heart. And we can reach it in a moment, just for a moment. The more of who we are.

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