There is a message of: I Am Enough-ness

Coming through from ‘Matter Ma’

As our boundaries strengthen and we reclaim command of what will and absolutely will not cross our threshold, balanced will arises to defend the threshold of the Self defining in the world of matter.

Who am I. What is my domain. What am I here for. Where is my domain.

Our Self is finding expression in the world and so the nature of our truth is building its house and home in the world of matter, to support the expression of Love’s creating.

And so we are having our boundaries tested. Our body boundaries – the body being the home that houses our consciousness expressing in the world. Where are we allowing energies to enter us in ways that are less than honouring and supportive of who we truly are.

There is a call for the Queen in us to step forward and claim her throne. What is permitted in the sacred space of the human Self. What is not. What pulls her off her throne? What is it no longer acceptable to have, to do, to have done? Strong inner choices are being called for from the place of our inner feminine.

These strong choices stabilise our inner masculine and call him onto his throne, as will arises to support with loving force these yeses and these nos of our inner sovereign, calling our personal boundaries into place to honour the truth of our natures and give it a safe home, housing love’s expression in earth through us.

Body and buildings are the playground for these collective shifts into being practical, grounded earthy people, living in alignment with our creative truth.

There is a meeting, holding and devouring of our deeply held investments in duality – where we believe that the world won’t give domain to our truth without our having to compromise that and we must fight/evade/give in.

There’s been a strong call to be committed, deeply, powerfully committed to living the life of our deepest creative truth – to let our doing in the world come from the nature of our being.

And in making this commitment, the only open road leads to meeting the doubts, the distractions, the challenges and walking forwards through them ever more deeply into life, letting it bring us all we need to unwrap.

One of those painful gifts I’m meeting now to unwrap is the judgement. Of not being worthy to live the life I dream of when that dream is to be who I really am in the world.

One of the now voices I’m really hearing leaving is the false motivator. It is time and feels great to be active and practical in taking ownership of my home and how it supports my body. And the voice that’s not serving me anymore is the one that says I should be doing this out of fear of what might happen to me. That says to be safe in the world there should be an abandoning of my true nature and a giving of my body to work that denies it. The Voice that believes I have to choose one or the other – safety or freedom to be true to myself.

The other voice, the one of judgement, is saying that you are not welcome in this world with the gifts you bring. They are not good enough. They are not helping us ‘chop wood and fetch water’ – what good are you if you cannot do these things properly? You should abandon your gifts and run, run with us, to chop more wood, faster, and carry more water, faster, faster – because we do not have enough. Because we are not enough. Because we cannot do enough to keep all these bodies safe on this planet. Our earth. Our ultimate home.

And the thing is, that when I abandon my gifts to run, run, and do, do, I can’t run fast enough. And I can’t do enough – to keep anyone happy. And the harder I try, the less able I am.

And then I remember this message that arrived the other week. Through the guides. From Gaia. From Tara. From Matter Ma.

She was saying, you are (all) doing enough. It is happening. The change you fear won’t happen in this planet is happening and it will be enough. The world is happy with you and you are enough. You are doing what you have chosen.

That doesn’t mean we should stop reversing the planetary damage we are doing. But we don’t need to be motivated by fear of what will happen if we don’t run fast enough together for the sake of survival. That we can take heart in hearing that there are plenty of inventions ready to take root when humanity has lifted itself far enough beyond its current limitations to allow for them and they will take us home ecologically and in all areas in leaps and bounds. Consciousness is shifting awareness, new choices are being made and action is taking place as a result. We can take heart.

This work is happening. We are on track. The fear is a great motivator but it’s not the only place to be. Wherever we have the Grace to free ourselves, from fear, there’s a creative place to be. With the planet, with ourselves, with our home, with who we are and what we’re building together. Starting with our homes, out bodies and our lives.

So that eventually, collectively, our work can come from a place of play and lift us beyond just survival.

So when I heard the voice of judgement telling me I wasn’t enough. Wasn’t ‘chopping wood’ fast enough, what came in, stepped forward, took me by the arms, looked me deeply in the eyes and spoke was the golden voice, straight from the heart – to thank me for who I was, what I was bringing and to tell me this was unique and the world needed this. That who I am and what I do, matters.

And these two voices were spoken through beautiful beings amplifying the voices within me. And it was very hard being grateful to the first one. Because I was instead angry, ungrateful, defensive and I wanted to run and hide. Then I wanted to attack that voice to make myself safe. Then I realised I needed to say no to that voice in me. To really say no and hear myself recognise that it is no longer a voice in service to my growth. It is not the Voice of truth. And close the door that was wide open in me, thanks to my belief in my own unworthiness.

Not Enough-ness, I decided – again – is not helpful motivation for creating.

The Voice of love says always, we are enough, exactly as we are in this moment. We are enough. Enough to be Loved.

And with a moment’s peace in this unshakable knowing, the self sustaining energy for changing things, creating the new, releases itself into my body and I find I’m more than able to chop wood and carry water, while I honour my truth and set about making my home the domain for supporting me following my dreams and housing this body in the Love I reside in, that’s reaching all the way in to my life to call me home. Step by step.

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