The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

A Major heart opening on the way…

Balancing our solar sun energy with softness. Being earthy, grounded and physical, healing conflict and solving problems through creative play. Finding our place and knowing we belong in the ‘playground’, honouring our own gifts and recognising others. Preparing to come together in more dynamic, cocreative ways. Loving our inner child and giving full permission for their joyful force to express its energy through action. 

Our solar sun’s have been brought online to energise us in our hearts desire

  • Healed from wounded motivation
  • Liberating joyful, physical expression of our hearts creative intentions.
  • Opening up the possibility of a marriage of abundance with prosperity to follow

…As we ground our earthly ways of co-creating the reality we want and begin to bring our plans online with an energising force, that sees us working cooperatively with others, not competitively.

What changes have we wanted to see in how we’re living? What actions, however small, are we able to take towards bringing those changes into our daily routines?

Going forward – Major Heart-opening on the way.

We’re now going to be supported in calling home to rest all our old fiery, destructive ways. Individually and collectively. And in how we’re working and creating together. There’ll be an emphasis on creative relationships. Who do we want working with us. How can we transcend competitive rivalry and replace it with cooperation. Economically, productively. Moving into the 5d world where, when we act in alignment with our heart-led intentions, there’s resources enough for everyone. And there’s an emphasis on finding our song and realising the world stage has space enough for everyone’s song to be sung. And that is Sovereignty. Each of us have a gift that fits together as part of the whole. We tesselate. Each of us have mattering and brings something that is needed at this time.

Working with the energies

During an eclipse window, we have an amplified chance to be confronted with and ‘send home’ a lot of internal patterns. The more of this we do, the less there is that needs to manifest as life problems for us to work through during the next few months of the year. But the eclipse window isn’t limited to the day and moment of the Eclipse. This moment is usually a time to rest, drop everything and drop deeply into stillness, into beingness and into the pause. Allowing the moment of reset to rest and renew us.

The build up to an eclipse can take several days and the integration of its energies afterwards can take several more. The whole period between this year’s lunar-solar-lunar eclipses has served as one huge window for ‘sending-home’ old patterns, wounds and old ways of being and doing.

What have we been opened to? The power to act, lovingly.

We’ve been opened to the radiant energies of our healed, healthy, loving and supportive solar suns. Which in its healthy aspect infuses everything with joyful radiant, loving warmth and carries the song of our true gifts throughout our universe. It’s how we know our belonging in the picture of life creating. Where just by being here, our unique song is being joyfully sung and we are playing our part in the picture of the whole. Releasing us from need-based reasons behind our creating. Liberating joyful, playful reasons for creating, lifting the octave of our co-creating to yet another level. A level where problem solving is the result of, not the reason for, our co-creativity.

It’s also the energising force in our creating. Our healed and healthy will, carrying our heart’s intentions unstoppably into action. You cannot stop the rays of the sun. The most you can do is put a cloud in the way.

What’s been ending in this solar to lunar eclipse phase

  • The burnout of overactive mind driven doingness. Forcing things to happen the way we think they should. 

This has been manifesting as sacred exhaustion even as the softness of our radiant sun infuses our systems with healthy, aligned doingness energy, to support our heart-led creative endeavours. 

In more depth…

The sacred Archetypes receiving healing during the lunar-solar-linar eclipse dance this year: 

The Inner Mother-father-child archetypes of our solar sun centres.

There has been a resting and healing of our wounded mother-father-child energies and a calling home their wounded aspects. To dissolve them in the light of our emerging golden templates in these areas. 


A shift from conflict to co-creative play in action – this is what’s been supported in us. 

A calling home our fiery, joyful, force – from being a destructive energy to being a creative one

From directional anger and conflict to radiant joy in co-creative play. Made possible through recognising and bringing in loving boundaries. Finding our healthy ‘no’, to liberate our joyful ‘yes’. 

Leading us to express and act on both our ‘no’ and our ‘yes’, in relation with others. Helping to define our creative identity in the world so we can play together safely and not lose our unique identity. 


  • Gifts finding physical expression through joyful action
  • Welcoming, supporting and giving permission for ourselves to express our own gifts and others.
  • Enjoying the expressive energies of joy and passion – bodily. Through play.
  • Problem solving through playful creating.
  • Major heart opening and expansion on the way.
  • Softness of our earthy, lunar energies balancing our inner fiery solar sun.
  • Safely opening the gateways for our creative force to energise us into relaxed action.
  • Liberating the force of creative joy as a soft yet powerful radiance
  • Lifting and healing our core motivations for creating. 

In this powerful culmination of solar sun activations opening us bodily to sun and earth energies in a divine marriage – Opening the way for creative play with others.

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