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Immersion transmissions bathe us in the wholeness we are, connecting, expanding and aligning us. They’re for opening us to new divine flows and helping us call lost parts of our selves home.

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This is all about empowering us to transform ourselves and our reality from within.

It’s my experience that we can rewrite our blueprint, recode our core scripts & reweave our reality.

Working with energy and awareness, we can re-alchemise ourselves.

When we do, we can make the shift from ‘if I do the work, I can achieve harmony’ to ‘When I align with harmony, I align with my soul purpose, find what excites me and create with joy through play.

Everything here is about helping us come home to ourselves, embody the sovereignty we are and align with our divine human blueprint.

About Lucy: I’m a seer, verbal & somatic channel and an energy alchemist. I speak on the story of now in the ever changing picture of our collective evolution. I am an open channel but my constant guides are lyran, lion beings from Sirius.

I perceive all of everything as consciousness and that consciousness has a voice. My channeling is about speaking from points of focus within the I Am that we are. 

I am a generator for the human blueprint, here to help us to de-matrix and re-matriate ourselves in alignment with our Divine Blueprint.

Talk to me about booking your personal channeled Blueprint-Akash Reading

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