STORY OF NOW UPDATE – Divine Transmission

The returning Love of the lost father God awakens in our human heart

An update on the Evolution of the Human Collective Consciousness

Diving in a little Deeper – the inner tantric alchemy:

All this is arising because our hearts are opening…And when we do this, our grief has a pathway directly home.

We are anchoring the yin energies, yes. We are resting in the Goddess within ourselves. Remembering Goddess within ourselves. And when we do this, the lost masculine instantly arises within us and we meet this within us. We are opening our hearts to the returning love of the lost masculine within us and when this happens, what arises is our grief. The grief we have carried in our hearts for so long, at having lost this masculine. 

As we re-meet and open to the Love of the lost father God, what arises to be seen heard, held and loved is our grief. The grief in our hearts at the lost masculine. And this grief arises and is dissolved into the love of this father God that arises now in our collective hearts – of this love that is emerging in our hearts. This grief dissolves into the love of the father God as we open to this. We align ourselves with the potential for Grace as we experience this when even in the throes of grief we can turn our attention; touch the remembering; touch the notion of the possibility that just maybe all this is arising because our hearts are opening with the Love of father God. And when we do this, our grief has a pathway directly home. We don’t need to get in the way. We can touch our grief and it can follow that pathway directly home. 

All of this is manifesting in the realm of matter consciousness. The matter of ourselves, the matter of our lives, the matter of our experience. So we’re having very visceral, physical, tangible, touchable experiences of this. Very human experiences of the deeply metaphysical. As our human hearts open, expand, expand their capacity to love divinely. As our human hearts open to the vibrations of divine Love. 

All of this begins, all of this is possible when we rest in the Goddess we are within – we rest in the Yin. We rest in beingness. We open to spaciousness, we relax from doingness. We rest in the yin, all of this becomes possible.

And so here we are, a large part of a world – a huge part of a world, as the matter we are, physically called to rest. To become physically still. To have some physical space and some space in time in our lives between our doingness and our normal realities, our bodies and all that normally holds our bodies in their patterns of collective activity called to physically pause. 

And a pause – even if we pause for just a moment – and in this picture, this story, we’re just pausing for a moment, relatively. Everything can change in just a moment. When we pause for just a moment everything can change. And that change isn’t in how things look outside us. We won’t walk back out into a city of futuristic proportions. The buildings will look like buildings always have. Our movements and behaviours might look the same. But inside us – inside – that’s where the change is happening. The collective consciousness of humanity has had a moment to drop and reset itself. To call itself home to its Self.

When change happens inside us, what really changes is not what we’re doing or what it looks like. But why. Why we’re doing it. What’s driving us. The why of things can change. And that seeds the change, plants the change, roots the change for growing new futures, different futures, more sustainable futures, futures that are rooted in Love, in connectivity, in unity awareness. And anything rooted in love, connectivity, in unity awareness is rooted in sustainability. Building. building futures in the world for our children, for the generations to come. 

And, no, the world won’t look so different when we step back into action. And step back into action we will. But we will be different. And there will be change. Maybe we can’t see it immediately but hearts will know it. This is just a moment in the picture of our evolution and we are just a moment in the picture of the evolution of humanity’s evolution. 

We are enough. We have done enough. We have enough. It is alright. It is change enough. 

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