Story of Now Update Transmission

Themes in the now story of the evolution of the human Blueprint

And how to work with them

A transmission update, Sunday 28th July 7pm

In the Story of Now video below I talk about the Sovereign and the Tyrant, the Golden Knight and the Saboteur – archetypes emerging and receding now in our natural Human Blueprint, discussing some of the major collective themes open at the moment. And taking a look at alchemical relationships between root and crown centres, and sacral, 3rd eye and throat centres while we work with patterns around abundance and lack, guidance and divine direction, balanced expression and unlocking pain to allow for creativity.

Also included is an audio recording below for a deeper dialogue on these themes.

Now is not a time for focusing on the old wounds leaving because they will shout loudly enough and threaten to take all our attention. It is a time to really listen for creative impulses and to lift ourselves and each other up.

Helping each other pursue our deepest dreams is the most elevatory thing we could be doing for ourselves and the world right now.

Emergent sovereignty in human consciousness is catalysing the deposition of the inner tyrant and its false knight, the saboteur. We are called to get active and creative and to do everything in our power to detach from the deep wounds, beliefs, expectations and fears that give that destructive duo domain in us. So that both within ourselves and in the world we can move together through this play.

For the latter half of this year, our new story will move through our creative centres from root to crown as this new story is alchemically rewoven in us.

If we can accept what was and look to what now Is, if we can welcome it all, meeting, greeting, thanking and celebrating the whole renewal in ourselves, we make it easier on ourselves and each other.

The live transmission looks at the core archetypes and alchemical relationships in our centres that are integrating their natural templates in our human Blueprint. The story of now gives a snapshot in this now moment of our connective evolution in consciousness.

Watch this again here
To work more deeply with the themes arising in this video transmission, here is the hour long audio transmission. To listen and receive the most from this, bring the awareness to the heart, the breath, the body. Whatever else you’re doing while you listen, keep bringing the awareness back to the heart, the breath and how you feel in your body. This engages our minds to listen first to how we feel about what we’re hearing, engaging our discernment and activating our inner guardian – so we receive only what’s for us and the rest goes by. The words can wash over and through like water dropping in their information packets where these are right for us.

In our now story of consciousness, Sovereignty arises while the inner tyrant is still reluctant to relinquish the throne and the battle rages even as peace arises to transcend it.

As Self embodiment brings the paradigm reset into focus in the realm of matter, our relationship to our worldly creations is under pressure and the white lions walk with us to bring in the new even as the tyrant and saboteur appear to tear apart the old.

We have within our personal and collective world stage all things at this time and the ability to hold and be present with seeming opposites, while powerfully, declaratively aligning ourselves with the new, is what will lift us all.

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