Spring Equinox Message

New Humans Emerging in the New Earth

Tara Speaks. Channelled Message

We see the you beyond any ideas or illusions of separation. The you that is becoming is in fact already here. From where we see you. From where you are sitting, we understand it is a different experience. You are having the experience of becoming. We wish to invite you to align with the experience of being already here. We invite you into this now moment. Fully. All is natural. All is in harmony. And all arises in the heart in right timing when you remove the obstacles in the way of your being here, in your heart, always centred, here, in the centre of the breath. In the heart beat. And also in the space between the heart beats. You are the stillness and the movement. The silence and the Sound. The Human and the Whole of You. The Individuation within Oneness.

You are all of this. To be human here now is to be all of this. It is not about being big. Nor is it about being small. It is simply about being centred in the moment. In the here and now. And opening to being it all.

New Human emerging in New Earth Art:AutumnSkyeArt, Wisdom of the Ages https://www.deviantart.com/autumnskyeart/art/Wisdom-of-the-Ages-314578844

Surrender. Surrender the illusion that you have any control over how you show up in the world, over how others may see you, over how you may present yourself. Allow this to be as empty as it truly is and you make space in the moment for what is to show up. To have domain. To take its place.

You allow for this shifting, ever-changing shape of expression of the Oneness you are within a body that is also Oneness. There is no separation.

There is only this now moment and your centre and the seat of your awareness – the choice of where you choose to rest your attention. When you get out of the way, Love can show up in the moment and be the way

The only thing making this difficult is the fear that Love will not show up. And the fear that you will not get out of the way. And the belief that there are many things that you have to do before you can get out of the way. And allow Love to show up in the spaciousness of the moment. Each moment within space and time has also spaciousness. As well as a focus. And this is true of all things in the realm of human experience. They have a focus. And wherever they have a focus, there is also spaciousness. 

To be human at this time is to be present with it all and know where you choose to align the focus of your attention becomes the seat of your experience. Being human here now and being all that you are – being all of this – means letting go of any ideas. Any concepts, any control, to allow – allow for this becoming to take shape through the moment. Moment by moment. Allow there to be empty space ahead of you.

You are the map makers. You are the script writers. The script is being written through your hearts. By your freeing yourself of ideas, by your emptying yourself of control, by your emptying any idea of what should be before, of how this should look. Emptying and coming into your hearts.

This, dear ones, gives the sacred domain to take shape in human form, rewriting all that means, moment by moment, threshold consciousness you are.

Allow the unknown to make things new in each now moment. There is to be no abandonment. Only surrender. Don’t cling to what was. Allow what IS to reveal itself and write the new reality moment by moment through your connected hearts.

This is how New Earth is coming into being. You are releasing, detaching, surrendering and opening. You are the true humans emerging. It is your earth you are emerging into and creating. As you realise your connectedness within all of Life and All That is, you can emerge within Tara as the map makers, the engineers – indeed – and the gardeners, the forresters, creating through surrendering, through releasing, through letting go. Through listening. To each now moment in your hearts. Listening to each now moments in your hearts impulsing how your bodies move within this reality that’s re-forming. Being impulsed from within.

Coming to trust your truths, so you may trust your steps and as you take your steps, the world comes into form around them. This here precipice, this is monumental – it is imperative you trust your within-ness, that you are impulsed from within. That you trust your steps and your choices moment to moment, with compassion. The Compassion of the Divine Mother for a toddler who does not yet know how to walk and does not understand fully its environment and yet walk they must, explore and build and create they must.

You are held. In your cocreating. You are Loved, you are held in compassion. Show yourselves this compassion. Show each other this compassion. Trust your choices. Your knowingness. Your heart. As you learn to show up in the moment, make choices and take action, without being able to see ahead of you, without being told what to do. Trust in you. We are with you and you are doing this. All is with you. There are those looking on in awe and wonder and Love, so much Love. All of Life looks on in Love. All is with you. 

We are with you. 

You are more in every moment. Welcome. 

Welcome, true humans, emerging within New Earth, emerging within old earth, old realities dissolving.

The word here, dear ones, is within. I Am Tara. I hold you. I hold you while you sleep and I hold you in your awakening. I hold you. I Am Tara. The world becoming new. 

channelled through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance)

To listen to the audio recording of this channelling, visit the Channelings & Transmissions page http://infinityresonance.com/channelled-messages-energy-transmissions/

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