Spring Energy Update: Now is not a time to play small – What are we FOR

Rise above the battle: Our YES arises from the ashes of our NO…

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From Lucy Hunter – Infinity Resonance

Call to the Warrior – What are we force-fully FOR

Spring 2020 Video Energy Update

artwork: Moksha by Dream-Painter https://www.deviantart.com/dream-painter/art/Moksha-208405391

The energies right now are supporting expansion into our creative vital life force energy and using our no to find out what’s YES.” – Using our No to Change Core Agreements and Change our Reality and Finding our yes to manifest more of what we want.

Our warriors are being liberated right now, to take us forward into more of what we want. Not just to say no to what we don’t.

Article Spring Energy Update 2020:

We are master cocreators of our own reality, remembering that we are and reclaiming the force in our creative life force right now as Spring brings with it the expansion of that life force energy that moves in us. In our bodies. Calling our creativity home to its true purpose.

Cue the uprising anger against anything and everything that’s ever kept us small. Every constricted, suppressed, denied or castrated that freedom to act creatively, excitedly, passionately – kept us from making our living from living our truth, our dreams, our heart’s greatest passion. Kept us enslaved in a system that’s supported us staying small.

Well, here’s the moment of great uprising in us…


The cry to battle calls to our wounded warrior – who arises in service as they help us find our forceful ‘NO!’

This forceful No changes permissions in our individual and collective reality and it is powerful

When we feel what we’re forcefully for we open gateways to a future that can manifest more of what we’re saying yes to.

artwork by Alex Gray

This forceful No changes core templates in our human blueprints – helping us change agreements we’ve made with reality and sometimes those core agreements are so hard-wired in us, there’s no other way to change them than with a new decision, made with the force of emotion.

And that No catalyses us into action. That No liberates the force in our life force that had been suppressed and stuck and blocked.


Once that energy’s been liberated, once that life force has been freed, once those agreements have been changed and we’ve written our “No!” into the wall of our own reality, changing what’s allowed…

Can we let go. 

Can we own that. 

Can we look away from the world outside us, acknowledged we’ve changed the part of it we have responsibility for – OUR relationship to whatever was oppressing outer life force.

Can we leave the war? Even though whoever we’ve been angry with hasn’t changed their behaviour.

Even though the world isn’t miraculously cured today of the evil we were angry with.

Can we do that?

Because if we can, we detach from that reality – and it can’t truly change until we do.

My intention – I hope to maintain this – is to say no, to know it’s said, to own my domain and…

Look away. 

And find what’s yes.

There’ll be a call to battle. The sooner we find our healthy no, own it, take response-ability for it and use it to change the agreements in our reality, we become empowered.

We transcend the battleground.

And we liberate our life force to support us in what we’re truly for.

Then we can get creative.

Here’s the alchemy….

We’re having an adrenaline reset in our spring-loaded active creativity.

What are we forcefully for? Finding our no liberates life force and it’s the force we’ll be dealing with this Spring. Finding our forceful ‘Yes!’ energy lifts us beyond the paradigm where our battles were taking place and aligns us creatively with what we’re for. A world of people opening gateways into the future for living our soul purpose and bringing ourselves into the world that’s becoming new.

In ways beyond the limits of our imagining.

When we feel what we’re forcefully for we open gateways to a future that can manifest more of what we’re saying yes to.

They won’t be visible right now. The call is to say yes, let go and trust in the unexpected, creating for us in ways we can’t imagine but that appear in answer to our passion. Our excitement.

Our soul purpose is calling to us now. What are we forcefully for? This is not a time for staying small.

Channeled articles here – the guides brought through a message in connection with this update and it’ll be up later this evening https://infinityresonance.com/channellings-meditations-latest-updates/channelled-messages-energy-transmissions/

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Channeled Message from the Guides

Channeled Transmission Message – Finding our Yes

This came through with the Energy Update – what the guides had to say about our liberated Life Force this Spring and being with what we’re for.

Energy Update in Depth

More details on what’s moving for us with this injection of Creative YES energy now in the 20 minute version.

Spring 2020 Energy Update – in Depth – Liberating our Life Force

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