Solar Eclipse 5-6th Jan 2019

Allowing our New Year’s Resolutions to Arise

Here and now rest and be carried through the gateway… It’s huge. There’s not much to be consciously done at this moment. Yesterday there was a lot of preparing happening but we’re all on track, is what I’m getting on this.
Tonight, tomorrow, is the womb phase – the pause when all is taken home, to rest. These moments of alignment are exactly that. The sun, the moon and the earth align and the doorways home to Source open. Allowing for an upshift and giving each of us a huge opportunity for transitioning. On the way into them, we’re shedding stuff we can’t carry through the gateway (like luggage on our back that won’t fit through a door). As we pass through the centre of the eclipse, which is a much wider time phase than just that one moment and can last hours or over a day – the energy of an eclipse extending beyond the physical alignment the same way our energy fields extend beyond our physical bodies – we pass, with all our luggage, into stillness and whatever we’ve loosened ourselves from is dissolved – given back to Source for renewal in us. In these moments, hours and days there is a sense of letting go and going into freefall. Tonight and the first part of tomorrow is for this and deep rest if we can manage it.

Tomorrow, in the space, if we have it, clarity can emerge with conscious awareness around our ambitions. Ambitions born of creative and joy based impulses, free from any negative motivations (we’ll have dropped those into the void during this middle phase we’re moving through now). Things to do to help us feel like we’re on board with this process – which will be ticking along nicely even if we aren’t, because what is in our hearts is what is resonating – include:

Asking for future and present assistance with these ambitions and surrendering what that looks like.

Knowing that help will be given, setting our intention to be open to this now we’ve asked for it.

Remaining open to not knowing what that help will look like.

Celebrating and giving thanks that this help is given and that a future we cannot see exactly is ours for co-creating and it’s elements will be revealed to and recognised by us as we follow the sign posts of joy based impulses. And this is a joy with a new octave to it this year, of grounded, earth-based steadiness. Joy that is in balance.

And this includes our year ahead. This is the cosmically aligned way of allowing our new year’s resolutions to arise from within rather than be projected onto our lives in any other way from any other direction.

The day after tomorrow (8th Jan) is for allowing action based energy to lead us forward.

The Alignment of this eclipse includes an opening to the infinite within the cells of our vast, expanded being, through the dimensions and primarily in the realms of form, formless and beyond.

Each of us can experience this differently or not at all but the primary issue is to relax into whatever you experience knowing it will pass, you are held and there is nothing further to do. I have checked and checked again and this particular advice is emphatic!

In love,


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