Root and Crown

Making the most of the last days of mercury retrograde

Infusions of Love guide the way

Although we have a push today for making the most of the mercury retrograde to devour old patterns – especially around survival – we’re called to do this not by diving into the problems themselves. But by opening to the deep love Matter Ma has for us, calling our root and crown into connection and right relationship, so our divinely aligned crown centre can unlock our blocks around abundance, with the help of logic, common sense, clear objectives and clear thinking – arising from a head that is listening to the heart-aligned intuition.
Deep, deep love opens to swallow the battle between heart and head as a new level of inner listing opens within the collective and the divine templates for abundance are unlocked through creative action.
A time of transcending survival stories and while pictures of our old survival stories appear in our lives today, they do so alongside the opportunity to feel and think and act creatively. To hear, intuit and follow our objectives in pursuing our heart’s deepest creative desires.

This recording transmission came through earlier and the recommendation is to tune into our selves – our hearts, breath and bodies and listen from our hearts to receive from it.

In love x

GevaAnn – thank you so much for calling this one into being

Transmission recording:

Making the most of the last days of mercury retrograde – the big love infused reset in our root and crown opening us to the new abundance templates and divinely guided action

TRANSMISSION transcript:
It is not survival first. It is joyful action first. It is investing, it is planting and growing the garden and taking those actions that are directly connected with pachamamma and with Matter Ma.
In the last days of mercury retrograde and this is a very important mercury retrograde, where we are really recieving the gifts from it and the opportunity at the moment – what we’re getting from this at the moment – it’s about a deluge of release of all of our non-capacity to receive the gifts of abundance; natural, unconditional, sustained, infinite, abundance, resourcing our creative ventures around home, work and money. Around our baseline foundations. There’s a huge deluge of out-flow, of getting rid of those ‘non capacity to receive’ templates – and it references ‘non capacity to receive’ from Matter Ma. The inability to receive directly in matter. So it’s really coming at us in the matter of our lives. And two days from now we go direct again. And everyone always jokes about mercury direct but I think never has there been such an important phase of mercury retrograde. As we came out of the eclipse, it’s huge – everything’s always huge, but in the sense that as we came out of that big eclipse solar and lunar eclipse window – what was opened up during the lunar eclipse was the divine template – the natural template for abundance. Infinite, unconditional abundance from Matter Ma in our roots. And this marriage between the root chakra and the crown; allowing our heads to supply divine-aligned direction for action. Action born of creative excitement, so that we took the action in the world that moved us beyond non capacity, beyond our dualistic templates, our ‘I can’t receive’, ‘it’s not allowed’, etc
Rather than having to work through all those and look at them and go “what’s this one, what’s that one, what do I do about that, what do I need to realise about that”, what unlocked our locks in abundance, with this blast of – you shall receive this natural template in your collective and individual root chakras – what unlocked it was creative action and this had to come supplied in partnership with the mind – but not the dualistic mind not the tyrant mind, not the mind over heart, the listening mind, the mind that was listening to the heart, listening to creative impulse. That mind. Going: well do this here now. Actually coming in with logic that’s coming from a place of listening, so that the feminine gets over – this was happening at the same time, between the two last eclipses, the feminine was getting over the non-permission for that tyrant mind – the voice of “no you shan’t come and make the decisions, I don’t want your logic or structure or anything that looks like the masculine actually, because the masculine has always been a tyrant” And this wounded voice was being met by the divine masculine coming in and saying: actually you need the thinking proceses that can support you in the world of matter, of reason, logic, common sense and common sense-directed action.
And it’s been quite a confusing time because it’s been about balancing the mind in, calling it home to Love, to the heart, bringing it into a listening relationship for that inner tantric reset between head and heart, so that now I can say: I trust my mind to be listening to my connected heart, to my womanly body and my intuitions – to my gut instinct if I’m not womanly. And so asking “what’s the common sense thing to do here?” And trusting that. Now that’s a new one for so many of us who’ve got used to using guidance and following intuition over logical thinking. For those of us who do that, this can be a bit of a new one because we’ve spent so long training ourselves to override the logical mind. Because it’s been the vehicle for maintaining separation, illusion, duality and the negative ego. It’s been the tyrant, the patriarchal voice in us. And now suddenly we have to open to it and listen to it, accept it’s actually a divinely aligned logical mind – I’m sorry, what?!
And then on the flip side, you’ve got those who are used to using the logical mind and ignoring intuition going “I’ve got to use my what, sorry? Intuition, you say. How does that work then?!” And so, wherever you’re coming from, if you’re head over heart, you’ve suddenly got to start listening to your heart, if you’re heart over head, you’ve got to include your head. And so, this coming out of the eclipse, the last few days have been about welcoming abundance in Matter, now none of us – ok that’s not fair. Shall we say, the natural template for abundance has not been present in the human blueprint at the realm of matter in worldly functioning. There’s no clear reference for that. So, what that means is because there’s been an immeasurably long history of: “I’m sorry, natural abundance?? Divine abundance?? In the world of humans?? In our human worldly creations? No, no sorry…”
So there was a huge collective lack package – that whole root package belief that if I’m abundant, it has to be out of integrity. So it’s not true abundance, so I probably shouldn’t be. And that’s been huge. And that’s deluging our of our templates, our roots, today
And what you (G.A) did, just as an example, of pulling over at a garden centre and asking yourself, why am I feeling to pull over at a garden centre. And those two things happening at the same time: there was a chance to talk to me and go into session, asking what can we do in a session. Or there was a chance to go into the garden centre, get excited about plants and buy some for the house you haven’t got yet. And when we spoke I was getting – no it’s that one that second one, that’s definitely what you should be doing right now, because that is the unlocking energy. (Also that was what was in flow, that’s what there was space and time for in that moment).
And that’s the other part – at the moment, we can’t always lift ourselves out. The beliefs around this are such heavy belief packages, such big beliefs which have no real replacement visible in the world outside of us for so many of us – I won’t say for all of us because there are loads of people who are on this path of opening up to natural abundance. But I wouldn’t say it’s a strongly integrated world template, that it’s totally visible, it’s a script we can all look at and say “yes, I know what natural abundance looks like in the world of human creations. I would say: “Well, we’re working on it!”
So this template coming in has the potential to be hugely traumatic but there’s the Grace element that we’re not processing it by going into the trauma, we’re processing it by empowering action – creative action.
And it’s that “just keep going” – I saw a post on this and I just thought, that’s spot on right now. Got no money, keep going, got no food? Keep going and it’s not the keep going like we do in a crisis state, it’s; keep acting on excitement in alignment with your creative endeavour, whatever that is, especially around the root right now, so home, work, money, career – keep going. Keep following the creative impulses, the creative direction and allow the balanced mind to supply what is the common sense, logical, structured, objective-based aim here. Write a to do list. What’s your aim? What’s your objectives and actually use that part of the brain that’s been castigated.
And not from a place of “oh, I suppose I have to do this. I have to be logical and I have to think about things and I have to, I have to..” the minute we do that we’re engaging the old tyrant brain which responds with “oh great! I shall take over! Mwahahaha”.
It’s not the tyrant, the patriarchal brain
It starts with “ooh, I’m really excited by… I’m really envisioning…I could really see this happening…”
From a sense of “This is who I am. This is what I want to do, this is what I want to support me. This is what my home is going to look like, my job is going to look like, this is what I want to be doing in the world… Alright!”
And then the brain is listening to that heart-connectedness, body-impulsive excitement and it’s supplying the steps to take. Take these steps, look at the finance, break it down into, consider the implications, what do they need from you, all the people you’re going to contact, what’s the structure that will support this happening, what is the administrative structure that could help here”
And it’s that. Suddenly we’re inviting the structural, the objective based in to help us bring creativity into form.
So that’s the crown unlocking the blocks in the root – the last few days of that. That’s what I’m getting.

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