Risking it all for real, for a moment-

Making the heart’s choice for Home and Work

Walking into the 5th dimension by choosing to live and work from our heart’s truth, empowers the divine Sovereign masculine inner archetype in support of who we are living, working and creating in our worlds.

“This is it. It’s crunch time. Time to really make that choice. And walk that choice in the world.”

And know our world will change to support us just as soon as it’s done breaking our hearts open enough for us to be able to accept this is it.
This is me choosing to live and work as the truth of who I am.

Walking forward into the unknown future, held in an unknowable process of transition.
Not leaping off a cliff but truly making that choice. And letting go of what life brings me in response.
Accepting that what life brings me in response is not for me to control, but for me to respond to. And to respond to with choice.
For when I choose, I reclaim my sovereignty to do so.
When I respond from my state of inner knowing, from inner connectedness, to Self, to all of Life, to all that is… Then true sovereignty in unity is born, empowered and on the throne in me, making decisions and directing the play that is my life coming into greater and greater truth.

And the choice available now, alive in me now, is – in home and in work, to listen to my heart’s truth above everything else. To be ready to let go of everything that does not serve me.
To be ready to let my world completely change.
And in that moment of choosing, with all of who I am, everything is transformed. On the outside, things might look the same. But on the inside everything is arranged completely differently. Is in a completely new relationship to the truth of who I Am – is freed to move from a structure of constriction, to a structure of support.
Because on the inside I Am completely different. And I see others making this choice alongside me and know we’re changing the world without anyone being able to see from outside that it’s changed.

This is how the patriarchy dissolves in the 5th dimension. First it dissolves in us, in our choices and now is the time to risk it all and choose from the heart’s truth.
Let the world change to support you. After it’s broken your heart open so it can expand to allow that truth space to breathe as part of who we are.

This recording is a metaphysical comment on the themes moving in us collectively now. ‘Ma’ references the archetype within us and all, the divine Mother.

We’re collectively working with the themes of home and work in our root centres, resonating with our templates in these centres for unity living. Our natural Blueprint for 5d living is being activated in our root chakras. This activation is a resonance activation. It does 2 things. Firstly it reminds us deeply – at the deepest possible level of our knowing – of the nature of unity.
This is happening where our awareness is present with our current home and work life situations, putting huge pressure on those areas where our home and work life are in dissonance with our heart’s truth.
This dissonance arises as pain. In some cases almost unbearable pain. And this pain is releasing.
When we can detach from the pain and let it move as energy, not story, the dissonant vibrations are dissolving into the very resonance of harmony that is ready to fill the space that’s made through release.
This means with everything we can let go of, with every release we really go through and detach from, wholeness and newness is already waiting to take its place.
There are decisions to be made in our life and work situations. Deep choices to empower only what’s in resonance with our heart’s truth.
And these choices need to be made without condition – I’ll only let go of this thing that’s not serving me if you I can see that it will be ok to do it. I’ll only do it if I know what’s coming on the other side.
This is a leap of sorts. But it’s a heart’s leap. Empowering the heart’s truth and HONOURING that truth with the dedication to stand by its choice, calls the sovereign, supportive, divine masculine archetype into its throne within our consciousness.
And it takes its place as co-divine director in our practical home and work worlds.
The next tricky bit… Having made the choice to empower the heart’s truth in our work and home life, having dedicated ourselves to honour that choice and been ready to let go of anything and everything that is not serving…
To let go of knowing what our next step is. Let the heart direct action.
And the world can change to meet our inward-made choices.

And the NEXT tricky step … Let go of thinking we know what the world will present us with now we’ve made that choice.
If I live my heart’s truth in my home and work, then my world will look like this. And I’ll have to do this, this and this, I’ll go without this, this and this, I couldn’t possibly be working here for them….

Let go of all that. That’s just appearances.

The world will bring the next step in and take time, don’t be too hasty, to decide whether this looks like the choice you made in manifestation or not. Because we’re held in this transition; from patriarchality supporting our bodies in this world, to walking safely in the 5th dimension.

There are stages, many stages in this transition and harmony in the process is part of manifesting harmony in the whole.

I hope you get something from this.

As with all transmissions, I recommend taking a moment to turn the awareness inwards, to rest awareness in the heart centre as though you’re resting in a comfortable, quiet seat in the centre of yourself. To let the sound and the sensation of your breath be where attention is focused. And let what’s for you land, what’s not pass you by. It’s just a transmission. Listening from the heart helps us receive way more than listening with the mind, if there’s something for us.

In love.



Divinity: as wholeness and a state of non separation

Homecoming: the journey of consciousness coming home to Oneness after its outward bound journey of separation state

Ma: inner archetype of the divine Mother

Realms: realms of consciousness

Formless, Form and Matter/worldly creation: realms of consciousness, given all that is and all of Life is consciousness. These realms exist within us and our experience of the Self.

The act of Sending Home: releasing old patterns to Source, for renewal in the now moment

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