Post Eclipse – Healing Transmission Video

Healing Joy – channeling from the Pleiadians with some healing magic

To help us integrate the post solstice solar eclipse energies

Safe Listening to Receive the Gifts in This

It’s recommended you treat this as a meditation, closing the eyes, bringing the attention inwards, and maintaining awareness on how you feel in your whole body, how the breath feels in the body. Noticing how you feel while you listen. I’d love to hear what moves in you with this. Please feel free to get in touch or post a comment. In Love, Lucy x

Channeling – Pleiadians – Healing Joy

Pleiadians – Healing Joy

With the eclipse, we are now integrating in our systems, healthy, balanced, liberated solar energies of Joy. Which supports our playful creating. 

Playful creating is not need based. Playful creating is spontaneous joy in action through body, heart and mind, arising as spontaneous impulse. Direct knowing. An emotional inclination to do something. For no reason. For no easily perceivable reason. 

Just the reason that Life Is, that we are, that in this moment we can. We are liberated to play. 

This is a very powerful energy. 

And it brings up for processing our entire history of all those instances where this perfectly natural, wholesome impulse, this impulse which leads to miracles, which truly are the smooth flowing of all in harmony with itself – that’s all a miracle is. 

This energy brings up all those memories of every time it has arisen in us and been met with rejection, met with obstruction. Met with denial, oppression. Dissolution. Where it has been pushed back down. Stuffed beneath the surface, where it becomes distorted appetites, hungers for other things. Hungers that cannot be fulfilled. Hungers that appear as greed, as addiction, but are in fact desperately sad symptoms of need. 

A need that has gone unfulfilled. And that need is the need to allow the most natural impulses of playful creating to flow freely. 

To rise up and come to the surface and express and be acted upon. And be met fully in the world. 

As children you are here to play together. As children you are here to play together and create. 

Playful creativity is how the new world comes into being. It’s how you give rise to the new civilisation you are birthing within Gaia. Within the cosmos. Within the galactic communities of which many of you are so unaware still. 

Playful creating is how you birth New Earth. 

To Heal wounded Joy as it arises, pushed to the surface by this influx of healed creative play – creative, joyful play impulsing you to action  – we suggest you invite, in an inward state, in a meditation, in a sacred journey with yourselves, we suggest you invite your divine child to take your wounded child by the hand. 

And breathe your way through whatever arises in your heart while you do. Let it all come. 


And if you do this, to then, throughout your day, know that this process continues. To revisit this in your awareness as long as you are conscious of emotions moving.

One of the energies that can help anchor us and align us with Grace in this process, is to call to, access, even rest in or simply touch on the word – of Celebration. Celebrating not WHAT we are feeling. Just THAT we ARE feeling and we are RENEWING. Moment by moment. 

In Love. 

Lucy Hunter  (Infinity Resonance) 

22nd June 2020 – Channeled in the presence of GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

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