Opening to Softness and allowing Will in action

Opening to the experience of Softness in the body as the pathway to balanced will in motion…
This week has seen the opening of the balanced centre of will in us, illuminating our solar suns to shine out into our worlds as balanced will in action, alive and in motion in our bodies.
This calls up Kali in her aspect of the destroyer of imbalanced will as its old habits are pushed out of our systems.
But she arises with an invitation; not to be present with the experience of her action of destruction, but to open to the sweetness of the dark mother in the creative aspect in her cycle of rebirth and renewal.
To call our awareness home into softness.
This will is both champion and protector of the creative impulse as it lives in us.
Where it seeks to flow outwards, away from us, into the domain of other’s creating, Kali will be there with her destructive, protective resistance, calling that force for duality home.
Where we call that impulse to action home, not letting it run away with us, it arises – not as frenzied frenetic energy, hyper activity of the creative mind, or force seeking to control the external situations of its creations – it arises instead as sustained energy, supportive, allowing for awareness to rest in presence of being-ness, while moment and action arises to carry out the unified creative impulse in our days, our weeks and our life’s accomplishments. Goddess gives full permission for this and rests easy in the natural state of gratitude for and celebration of the luminous energy of the sun in full radiance.

With the awakening and activation of a Grace template, we can be alive to the movement of old wounds, memories and attachments to the old stories of will as their imprint was left in our bodies. These old imprints are being devoured as they cannot be sustained under the new paradigm opening up in us. We can let the old move and neither fear it nor feed off it, as it is released from being our teacher. We are learning from creation, from what is coming in to replace the old. We are learning from and can align with what Is, not what was. So it is not a time for looking at problems with a microscope.

However, we could be feeling very full as the intensity of the old and new offering themselves alternately for welcoming, for dismissa, is taking place in the playground of our bodies and is likely to be felt as physical oscillating between action and calm, between peace and challenge.

Balancing our physical energies this week could be a challenge as this force meets Kali, calling the will of the masculine energy home to flow in unity.
Keeping the awareness focuses on our physical state as well as turning our awareness inward and maintaining our practises for connecting, for being present in presence, can help us align with the Grace experience available to us in the potential for union between motion and restfulness, energies between the structural character of the divine masculine arising out of and in support of softness of being. We’re resting deeply in our watery feminine and the fiery masculine is arising in our bodies in a state of unity as creative impulses move into action, in unity, as motion and structure.
There is a healing and clearing as the energy of clear water heals the experience of being present with what’s integrating and being present with what’s leaving. Allowing for the element of fire in fluid motion in our bodies as fire and water come into balance, water is no longer the force for putting out the fire, but for giving it flow as life force moves into a new strength of released vitality in our creating.
Drinking plenty and immersing our bodies in water can be a good idea this week – opening the constricted parts of our physicality – stretching but softly. Dancing with the physical states of letting the body drop into softness and be held, loved and nurtured, while allowing life force to enter our systems from this resting state – like having a slow stretch in the mornings – before going into action.

Allowing for the oscillating extremes between full action and bodily heaviness with a sense of kindness and self care can help us, too as the body will be physically recalibrating, opening up new pathways for vitality in movement as well relaxing constrictions and releasing held toxins as a result.
And when we find ourselves going full speed physically under the direction of the mind, to find opportunities to pull back into presence, into the now moment, into how are we physically feeling. And take a moment to reset activity, letting it start again from this place of inward connectivity.

Image: Maa Durga with her Lion a Rupa of Goddess Maa Kali

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NB: when we find ourselves overwhelmed and can’t reach those moments of presence, can’t turn awareness inwards or take a rest, it is enough to call for the Grace of Ma Goddess, to envelop us from behind, pull us into her compassionate, healing waters and take from us what is leaving, while we surrender to her gifts making way for the gifts of ‘himself’ as they emerge.

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