Opening to Prosperity

Channelled Message From the Pleiadians

What needs to be seen here children, dear children is you are resting held within Tara, cocreating within Tara, within the Love of All That Is.

The Gateways are open for you to receive from infinite reSource. In the shape of matter, in the dimensions of matter.

You rest within Tara and she has opened her heart and gold pours forth therewith. But so deeply have you lived through, carried, invested in, so profoundly have you invested in this old paradigm illusion where you have dwelt so long within false laws in a false game that you must, as you open to the infinite reSource of Tara, you must allow all of your expectations, rules, laws, beliefs around the permissions, the conditional permissions that have been placed upon you for receiving money, you must allow these to vibrate out of your system, to dissolve, to be called home, into truth.

So you are resting in the Grace of Tara as she opens her heart and pours forth gold. But you are caught still in the traps of your own making, where you may not receive this unless your criteria are met and you are equally caught because those criteria are under pressure now to dissolve. And so they will not be functioning the way they used to be. You can no longer be earning money according to the old ways. It won’t work. You haven’t yet opened to the new ways, although you are being held within them. So your deepest beliefs around money; the conditional permissions you have around how you will allow the flow of infinite reSource to reach you in the matter of your existence, is under great pressure right now.

To ease this pressure, it can help if you align with the Grace awareness that you are held within Tara and the manifestations of denial, slavery, conditional permissions and the suffering they entail are what’s leaving.

Stay clear with this. You are resting in the Grace of a prosperity you have never experienced. It is very difficult to recognise it from here and yet you do. Because it vibrates with truth and you recognise truth. You don’t need truth to have existed before in order to recognise it. You recognise the vibration of truth and the harmonics that hold you, with which you are in resonance.

So. Have a clear eye for what is not truth in the picture of your finances and your worldly creations. Allow the terror, the trauma to vibrate out of your body, out of your hearts and out of your mental scripts. Much of this work is taking place overnight and you will be woken up for those bits which you need to be party to. These are where you’re still attached.

Align with the real. Surrender to Grace

Listen to the channeled message with its embedded transmission here

A note:

Tara here is referring to a sister consciousness to Gaia
So in the same way we’d refer to Gaia as the consciousness of our planet and we could think of her as a being,
Tara here means the world of human creations, when those creations are harmoniously cocreated within Gaia.
So, like Gaia, she’s a world and a realm.
Maya would refer to the world of human cocreations when humanity was experiencing separation within Gaia.
Tara represents humanity’s move into 5d (harmonious, connected state co-creating within the earth)

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