New Monthly Channeled Sessions online – with QnA

Last Thursday of every month

duration: 2hrs

UK 7pm / CEST 20hrs / EST 2pm / PST 11am

Donation suggestion £15/18€/$21

With such exciting developments in the evolving story of human consciousness, guides from different councils offer to speak and answer questions on themes ranging from who are we and where do we come from, how can we work with the energies of now and what does it mean to be emerging into a new earth, becoming fifth dimensional beings.

Each month we’ll connect in with a transmission on the now story of our evolving human consciousness and open the floor to questions for responses from guides of unconditionally loving integrity. Starting with a meditation to bring us into our centres and help us connect, align and expand into the more of who we are.

First Session Thursday 27th May

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On the last Thursday of every month, there’ll be an opportunity to meet online with guides in unconditionally loving service, to receive transmissions, support, gifts and responses to our questions.

Suggested Donation 18€ / £15 / 20$

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Join the fortnightly Alignment Sessions – find out more here

For 12 years I’ve been an open channel dedicated to connections with high level guides of loving integrity who bring through messages of support, encouragement, activation and configuration, to help us expand and grow as we continue to align with our truth and open to our inner wisdom and connectivity. 

The boundless love, support, kindness and enthusiasm the guides consistently and repeatedly show up with, along with the surprising gifts they bring, never fails to amaze me and leave me humbled. It’s an absolute joy to open these sessions to share the gifts now more widely. 

These sessions are a new way of working with the guides in group – your support and presence at them, should you feel the call to join in with them, will be highly appreciated. 

“Supporting us as we expand into the more of who we are”

Human Blueprint Channeled QnA Sessions

For a free consultation, get in touch. Blueprint-Akash Readings and Deep Dives

Supporting us to come home to our Selves and align with the truth of who we are, to open to our gifts and live from our joy.

Sessions include Channeled Messages, Healing and Guided Transformational Work with guides of unconditionally loving integrity.

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