Fortnightly Online Alignment Sessions – to help us come home to our centre and align with who we really are

Deep Immersion Journeys where we navigate the sacred centres, energy pathways and divine resonances of our natural human blueprint “the energy map of our DNA”

duration: 1hr15 – 1hr30

Tuesdays 7pm UK / 20hrs CEST / EST 2pm / PST 11am

Donation suggestion £12/15eu/18$

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Every fortnight we’ll meet online for meditation, group exercises and to share. These sessions are for helping us align with our divine human blueprint and open to unlock gifts from within.

Every Other Tuesday

duration: 1hr / 90 mins

UK 7pm / CEST 20hrs / EST 2pm / PST 11am

Donation suggestion £10/12€/$15

Suggested Donation 10€ / £12 / 15$

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Fortnightly Alignment Sessions include…

Alignment Meditations, Group Exercises and Shares

Plus takeaway meditations to practise ‘walking with the infinite’ in our day to day living

– covering things like grounding and centering, expanding, somatic awareness and more, to help us stay aligned in life, not just in meditation.

For those of you who joined the online alignment meditations last year, these sessions will be a little like that, but just slightly longer, with extra time for us to practise some exercises in group or partners, and time for each of us to share.

The idea is we go away with tools we can use and practices we can play with if we feel to.

What’s it for? When we practice something in meditation space or for fun, it becomes much easier to access that tool for support in times of stress or when we’re feeling challenged. We can access that state of being centred, calm, grounded and at peace within ourselves.

We’ll be integrating practices that help us stay centred and grounded, connected and expanded and that help us bring our energy and awareness into ‘resonance’ – a state where we generate a field of harmony around ourselves which not only protects us, but helps us attract more of what we want in our reality.

We’ll also be navigating the Divine Resonances & Sacred Centres & Energy Pathways of our Human Blueprint. We’ll be diving in to explore ourselves and receive gifts from within – from the divine templates in our human blueprints. Or, put more simply, from the part of us that remembers it is in harmony with itself and everything else.

And we’ll be focussed on aligning our doingness with our beingness – the true shape of who we are beyond all the stories of ourselves. This helps us align our daily lives, actions and choices moment to moment with our soul purpose – without needing to know what that is.

“We don’t need to know what our soul purpose is in order to align ourselves with it. We can uncover it and have it reveal itself to us as we align with who we truly are and find ways of feeling and following our excitement.”

New – Monthly Online Channeled QnA SessionsFind out more here

Aligning with our Divine Human Blueprint.

To align with who we really are and lift how we’re creating our reality.

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