Message for this morning: softness and play in the field of delight

Depolarising action and being – through resting the divine Mother archetype within us

Delight is the mother’s domain where the divine masculine is fully present in the energy of play

All activity can be brought within this field of play

And includes the mother taking her place in resting position, fully supported. While the children play in safety within this domain.
The natural activity of the father is that of protector, surrounding the field and so suffusing all of Life as the joyful action within this field.

Without this, in the experience of falling into the void that is ending now in us, the mother had her unprotected softness raised to the ground and had to grow her own hard exterior. A shell.

And become, through action, the protecting field of the father. Instead of this naturally suffusing all that was held within this embrace of Life, this orb of Life was bereft and she had to be omnipresent as action, both outside her field of being as armour and within it as action.
Being both feminine and masculine and so neither in truth.

The masculine can only enter this field now as violator.

Calling the mother home to her natural resting state, calls the father instantly into his natural presence, as all around her and suffused with all Life held within her and his embrace.

And frees action to arise spontaneously as joy
Liberating the feminine to be that which contains all Life in the Love that it truly is

And ALL can rest in the experience of being held in Unconditional infinite Love, where Life experiences itself as it truly can be.

Something of the dance of being and action as it resets its polarity within us.

Image: artist Debrah Bernier

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