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It will be beautiful to meet with you in this sacred space.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me at infinityresonance@gmail.com


Put the time aside for our session and make sure you have some free time for yourself afterwards. Most people benefit from a 2hour post-session integration time. That’s not always possible, so we’ll tailor the time to meet your needs. 

When we meet we usually use zoom – if there’s something you prefer, let me know. It’s nice to set the camera to landscape and have it somewhere we can see each other, if you shift from sitting to lying down. It’s not the end of everything if you’re off-camera while you’re lying down.

Other than that, make sure you’re warm, comfy, private and going to be uninterrupted. Keep a glass of water and a notebook nearby. 

Recordings – Sessions are recorded (but not shared anywhere) because so often the guides bring through channeled messages or personal meditations for you to take home. You can request these as audio downloads (for a small 15€ charge). 



Sessions included verbal, sound & movement channeling. If you're familiar with channeling, you may still have questions around this. If you're not, email me and we can talk it over first.

emotions & feelings

Often emotions can rise up or physical sensations can be felt during sessions. This is helpful and all part of the process. You'll be guided, held and supported with whatever arises.


You'll be guided into a meditative space. Sometimes people fall asleep for a bit during sessions. This is perfectly normal and can be part of the process.

integration time

Energy work and inner process work are combined in these sessions, even when we're talking. That's why it's kind to give yourself a couple of hours after a session free from anything too challenging or stimulating. In some cases, integration continues in the background for a few days. I can be contacted for support during that time.


If you would like to add this Calendar to your Google or ical calendar, let me know and I’ll send you the links. 

That way you get the notifications you want, directly. 

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Short meditations, deep dives, activational QnAs & Coaching Sessions to help you stay aligned and in resonance, open and connected to your core signature blueprint


Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/3017130015?pwd=QUpzdWFyR0NvNEhVakFkOTFSSll4Zz09&omn=82484850611 Meeting ID: 301 713 0015 Passcode: here

Tuesday Morning Meditations

Short meditations to keep us aligned in our truth, day to day. With anchoring practices we can use in every day situations, dissolving the separation between meditation and life. Channeled alignment meditations, activating, aligning and giving us access to new light frequencies or deeper, more connected states of awareness in every day life.
With a little time for one to one support

The Infinity Resonance Akashic Alignments

Akashic Alignments

Every New and Full Moon we dive into a guided, channeled journey, opening us to the new harmonics active in the akash of our human blueprint. We explore the sacred centers and divine pathways of the 'breath of creation' in a healing, transformational exploration of the divine multidimensionality of the Self. With a different focus every journey. These deeper dives are for expanding our awareness and our ability to center, align and embody more of the truth of who we are.
With time for One to One support

Inner Oracle

Last Sunday of Every Month
An activational journey with guides of Unconditionally Loving Integrity who gather to bring through the frequencies that will help us connect to the More of Who We Are and be supported, assisted and to receive healing, transformations, alignments and activations, as they tell stories of the collective evolution of consciousness and bring us uplifting, encouraging, informational, inspiring and insightful channelings. While guiding us on a healing journey to lift us into a higher vibration and more of a resonance of wholeness.
With time for One to One support, sharing and channelings

Coaching for Empaths and Energy Sensitives

NEW Saturday Morning Sessions -
Teachings from the Akash /Coaching for Empaths & Energy Sensitives

We open to teachings from the akash of our Human Blueprint (the DNA of our consciousness) And how these can support us to ground, center, protect, connect, transmute, expand and much, much more. From a place of energetic resonance, aligned in the truth of who we are, how we can access more of our abilities safely and in every day life, for reading, channeling and working with energies and empathic awareness. Every Session will have a different focus. We’ll cover a broad range of energy and awareness coaching themes. From safety and protection, transmutation and grounding, to opening and experiencing different dimensions of consciousness and the Self (galactic, planetary, elemental, angelic, elohim and more), to working with past lives, inner archetypes, sacred energy alchemies. And how bringing this awareness into every day situations helps us normalize these expanded aspects of Self.


You’ll be emailed a link to replays, after sessions. The zoom link you’re sent will open up the zoom recording. 

You should download that as that will only be available temporarily. 


note: Only a few of the videos are public and shareable. Most are private and can only be seen you, with the link. 

If you want to share a video with someone, please check with me first – thank you. 

Watch the replays here

Short Meditations. Repetition of these meditations helps keeps us aligned on a day to day basis. We attune our fields with the ability to: Center, ground, align and come into resonance. With the benefit that we 'build up' natural protection for ourselves, and hold a vibrational state that requalifies lower energies into their highest potential, or rejects them altogether.

watch the replays here

These deep dive explorations of the Self are for helping us expand our awareness and still stay grounded, centered and embodied. To deepen our capacity for Alignment. In each journey, we open the akash of our human blueprint, to align with our golden templates and release old stories from the akash of our DNA.


These Monthly sessions with guides of unconditionally loving integrity - they're for activating our innate memory. Of who we are, how the universe works, the laws and principles governing creation. And the unique gifts and abilities encoded within us that it's time to open to and re-embody. These are more Activational and active sessions, than the akashic alignments and meditations, which are passive and help us rest in our signature resonance.


REPLAYS OF THESE SATURDAY SESSIONS COMING SOON. We've had the very first Session: The Dimension of Time. For a short while, this will be viewable on this link

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