Meditation for tension

Energy Alchemy Guided journey

Holding & dissolving tension and constrictions

With specific focus on dissolving constrictions and tensions relating to what’s moving collectively for us in the inner reset of our being/doing relationship.

As new awareness emerges, old constrictions surface to leave. This alchemical meditation came through in support of the transitioning energies most alive in my tribe now.

I hope there’s something here for someone. 🙏💜

As always, don’t focus too hard on following the words mentally. We’re not the doers in this picture. We’re using the tools of intention and imagination to guide our attention and open to emerging awareness. Keeping the focus on how the body feels, on the sensation of the breath and returning attention to the heart center when we remember to, are key to allowing this alchemical to meditation to work for us. It’s also a transmission. So if we do nothing but listen quietly we’ll still receive something from it.

Tip: rather than trying to follow the guidance, keep noticing how the whole body feels when it hears these suggestions on where to place attention.

Holding and Dissolving Constrictions

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Here’s a connected Energy Alchemy Update transmission on system collapse and dissolution. As with all transmissions, the recommendation is to close the eyes, bring the awareness inward to the heart and centre, to keep the attention returning to the sensation of the breath and the sensation of the body as a whole. This is a way of registering our own response to what we’re hearing, of disengaging the analytical mind and empowering the connected heart and the seat of our own filters and discernment. This way what’s for us can land with us, what’s not can pass us by. And we’re listening from the part of ourselves that already understands and has its own unique perspective on what we’re hearing.

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