Mapping the Solstice Solar Eclipse Energies – June 2020

How to Align with the eclipse energies

Divine Marriage of Mindfulness & Earthliness

June Solar Eclipse 2020 – Heart – Led Action, Crown Activation, Divine Marriage between Body & Mind


How to align with the eclipse energies of June 2020 – Major themes, energies and alignments, what’s ending, what’s coming in, what to let go of and how to work with this portal

SEE HERE FOR THE CHANNELED MESSAGES FOR THE SOLSTICE SOLAR ECLIPSE FROM THE LIRANS , THE DRAGONS AND THE PLEIADIANS, where the guides talk about the Wave Events of 2020, how to prepare, be supported and align for Grace and the Dragon guides tell a short story of Love and Power.

This eclipse window has been supporting:

The marriage of body wisdom and mind wisdom, recognising our physical, earthly divinity. Awakening a responsive mind that arises as listener to the heart and body.

The shift from the Love of Power to the Power of Love

Themes: Divine marriage. Unity awareness. Transcending polarity. Shifting from 3d to 5d in our global and interpersonal human relationships. System reset. 

How to align with the eclipse energies – 

the marriage of earthiness with mindfulness

  • Feel every movement we make, as we make it. 
  • Allow moments of emptiness between thinking and doing.


  • Pause between thoughts. Pause between actions. 
  • In the pause, let everything go
  • & bring the awareness to how the body feels in the heart centre. 


  • Bring the awareness right into the present moment.
  • Be aware of every action. In every moment.
  • Be where we are, right now. 

Aligning the Mind and Letting Go of What’s Leaving

Be aware of the thoughts, judgements, criticisms, confusion, stress and over analysis. Intend to let each one go as you notice it. Be the impartial, dispassionate witness to these thoughts.

Bring the awareness back to the body, back to how the body feels in the heart centre. Back to the breath. 

Allow the pause.


Eclipse Energies – Overview

Supporting – creativity, inspiration and new innovations for ourselves and our world.

Reweaving the threads of Love and Power into right relationship in us.

Highest Manifesting: liberating the Divine mind as listener, Liberating the energised body into creative action, led by the heart’s wisdom


Centre crown activation: solar energies and earth energies married in christed heart opening. 

State – surrender, release, letting go in the mind

Energies – Clarity, Direction, Purpose

  • In their highest aspect: Joyful, Creative, Dynamic, Earthy, Physical, Bodily Awareness

Healing and renewal area – relationships – boundaries, power, protection, overthinking

Theme – transcending polarity through realising unity – in how humans relate to other humans

  • De-fusing conflict, transcending fear
  • Clarity of Purpose and creative action, from our Joyful, loving ‘Yes’
  • Defining borders with our loving, graceful ‘no’
  • Being Called Home to the Heart

Challenges – Tiredness from overthinking, Conflict, boundaries, anger, frustration, overstimulation – too much fire.

Balancer / harmoniser: Heart Centred Body Awareness – being focused in, bringing awareness into our body experience, grounding, coming into the heart. Bringing in earth and water.

Grace Resonance – Celebration: bringing up lower vibration emotions for healing  / renewal

Resting in the Grace of Celebration from a place of inner calm, we welcome the Divine marriage of God and Goddess within ourselves in this special Solstice Eclipse.

What’s been ending during this eclipse-to-eclipse window:

  • Being the rescuer. 
  • Being the light in a world/universe of darkness.
  • Need Based Creative Action 
  • Great ending of 3d timelines seeded in the fall of ancient civilisations (especially Egypt, Atlantis):

And when these things end they often manifest versions of themselves, to give us a chance to move through our own responses, trigger emotional releases and have the opportunity to clear, heal and lift ourselves so we can detach from these old stories and make new choices, heal old beliefs and uncover hidden or buried trauma for processing. 

It can help to know that what arises for clearing is showing up so it can be collectively healed and renewed. Remembering this can help us shift together and individually more efficiently and have a more elegant, graceful experience.

What is beginning?

Creative clarity and renewed inner permissions to act in line with our heart-wisdom. New inspirations leading to innovations for how we run our lives.

A new dimension of sovereignty in the area of human-to-human relating, as we reclaim Oneness Awareness and respond from a place of greater felt, seen and experienced fellowship and connectivity.

A remembering and reclaiming the gifts of lost magic from past lives in ancient civilisations. Especially Egypt and Atlantis. As these timelines end in us, we’re collecting the gifts of wisdom and magic that were kept locked during our time in forgetting. In 3d separation state. Remembering, embodying and integrating that awareness of connectedness as we make the shift from 3d to 5d in another layer of our human blueprints, we open the memory of how we worked our magic in those civilisations.

The whole time between the two eclipses has been a gateway. With each eclipse acting as a portal for renewal, reset and realignment – of first the divine feminine aspect, with the lunar eclipse. Then the retrograde time in-between calling us inward, into beingness. This triggers, recalls and grounds the out of balance masculine energy in us. And means that when this energy arises in the second and solar eclipse portal, we’ve been reset. This alchemises us for unity; this year in the area of our human to human relating. 

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artwork: Daniel b Holeman

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