Making the most of the eclipse window July 2019

I Am Enough – I Have Enough – I Have Done Enough

Allowing natural abundance as an inner state and working towards it with right action.

As we lift off from the golden sun eclipse to land in the silver moon eclipse there is an offering, to lift ourselves and our worldly creating, to change the scripts in the templates for our agreements with our lives – in the areas of abundance, action and being in service with our natural creativity.

Welcoming Natural Abundance

Collapsing Mayan templates for lack

Mother Goddess offers us her gifts of nourishment, nurture and abundance. When we receive these like a blessing, we connect ourselves directly with the source of all abundance. The grabbing child, hungry in need is pacified and relaxed into the natural child, replete, loved, abundant and nourished.
This natural child knows it’s creating is fully supported in the world, by the nourishing abundance of the mother, infinite and unconditional. And by the right action of the father, giving form to our creative nature and bringing is into being in the world

This eclipse is a time of collapsing paradigms in us to allow more of our templates for natural abundance to seed in who we are and what we do in the world.

This eclipse window offers us the opportunity to eclipse old Mayan templates for conditional, lack and control paradigm ‘abundance’ – with the simplest of intentions: to let go of what Was. And to welcome in the gifts of natural abundance, by recognising the Source of all abundance directly. By giving thanks and receiving all that nurtures, nourishes and shelters our bodies as a blessing. This empowers our direct connection to receiving from our Selves, unconditionally, infinitely, all that can nourish a body.
– A body that houses a consciousness here to express who it really is. What it really has to offer. What really uplifts us, excites is, moves us in joy.

Resting in the real

Feeling what’s real, empowering intuition

There is the invitation to be present with the old stories as they arise in the matter of our worlds, presenting situations that look like lack but with the invitation to check how we’re feeling. Do they feel like the future? Or do they feel simply like something that is up for review and ready to change. What we’re feeling and what we’re looking at are able to bring us seemingly conflicting information. We’re resting in our natural state, looking at what’s leaving, being given the option to let it go – because it’s not true for us anymore. That’s what’s being asked.
If we can access that connected state, and be inwardly at peace for a moment even while we’re aware of situations arising in our lives, the suggestion is to go with what we’re feeling. To trust this. It’s showing us what’s coming in. What we’re looking at is an example of what’s leaving, giving us a chance to recognise, respond and choose again, from an energy that is lifted above the place the problem began in.

Pause, rest, reset

There is an invitation, in the space between the eclipses, to be with the pause. The rest. Where the reset happens.

And to make use of it to allow ourselves a moment’s rest in this awareness:

In this moment I Am enough.
I Have enough
I Have Done enough.

In just one moment, if we can rest our bodies, our hearts, our minds in this space, the impulse to action is renewed in us.

It’s called home from its need based response to a situation in our shared or individual creations that needs attention now, now. It’s called out of crisis response.

And just for a moment it’s empowered in creative-response. In this moment in this space, beyond need, we are connected to who we truly are. What we’re truly here to do. And in that space a creative impulse will arise.

We don’t need to know it, hear it, recognise it in the instance. We will have empowered it. And it will reach us in right timing. And the impulse to action will be empowered to shift from need based reacting, to creating-based action.

Action reset – acting in our best interests

When our creative impulse moves in our bodies, our hearts and lifts our minds, if we reaffirm that this – THIS – is ultimately more important than anything else in our life’s purpose – if we can consecrate everything else to being in service of this creative impulse, we begin to realign our selves and our grounded, physical activities to being in service to our highest creative inspiration.

This means we can meet our commitments, we can deal with what presents itself for attention and action, we are not leaving our lives to fall into ruin in the face of chasing dreams. But we are moving through our lives with the focus that aligns us within, with all Life and with all that is. For the creative impulse that moves in us moves us in harmony with everything.

This eclipse opens another window for aligning grounded, earthly action with our highest, deepest creative living.

Spirit and matter move together as one this year.

In love,


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