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Major Wave Events on the Way – Reclaiming our Sovereignty & Coming Home to Ourselves – the Sirius Liran Alliance Speak

Channeling Transcript Here:

It feels like there’s something big coming, the other day I felt the ripples of an event that reminded me of the time I noticed a ‘glitch’ in the matrix a few days before 911. A few days before the 9-11 event, I was walking home and admiring the play of light and colour on my street. Suddenly something happened. Part of me knew what it was but the only way I could describe it was that there’d been a freeze-frame in reality. Like all of everything had jumped. And in that moment I knew with all my being that something enormous had just happened. That everything had changed. I found myself wondering what that was.
The other day, coming home from the beach with a friend where we’d been sharing stories of awakening, magic and miracles, the same thing happened. And when I tuned in I got that what I was feeling was the wave of a collective ‘happening’ so vast that it was rippling out in all directions, including in time. So I asked the guides about this. I’m not one for prophecies. But what the guides said confirmed a sense I’ve been having for a while now. That we’re going to ride waves that continue to call us more and more home to ourselves.
That that’s really what this is all for. Our continued awakening, upshift and ascension within Gaia into a more connected state of awareness, into sovereignty, into empowered, more aware cocreating with all life, as we remember ourselves as the master cocreators we’d forgotten we were.
I did what I do and tuned in and asked the guides, who confirmed something I’ve been feeling since this began. That there is a series of wave events ahead of us. Not a return to what was.
I have the sense that one way or another we’re going through a process that’s able to call us home. Able to open us to our connectedness. And open us to our reclamation of sovereignty.

I felt into a question I already know the answer to. What can I do?
Because when the whole world stops, stops being what it was yesterday, stops meeting our expectations of what it might be tomorrow, what we have is ourselves. Always ourselves. Within us is the key to everything that can help hold us, guide us and help bring us back to centre, back to stability.
Within us is the energy that can move us in the direction of what’s for us. Within us is everything we need. And when we can access that, even in a crisis, we know what to do, how to be. We can hold the space and act together spontaneously. Because the heart knows and guides the body.
One heart that beats within us, within all of us, within all of life, within all that is.

So I’m going to do what I know how to do and carry on offering the energy alchemy wisdom I can, because this is what holds me and helps me align, return to centre, access the more of who I am and know myself as the sovereign creator we really all are.
Because even in a time of crisis the purpose of the crisis isn’t to flatten us, but detach us from our old creations while they collapse and dissolve, to call us home to ourselves, to reset and renew us so we move forward more alive to the real, more aligned with our purpose, clearer from the past and more available in the moment to receive what’s for us.
There is always a creative potential that can come of these moments, when the world stops and the heart can see clearly for a while.

When quarantine first kicked in here and I sat down and asked the guides what was going on, there was a flood of messages, from the star guides and from the deeps of beingness.
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