Lions Gate Update -what’s been happening

Where do we go from here?

Channeled message from the Lyrans –

Energy Alchemy Update for the next few week

(Channeling and video update to follow)

Lions gate 2020

A New Earthly Alchemy 

“Now is a call to freedom, liberation, to acting on the dreams that drive our bodies when they burn in our hearts. The fire, grounded and harmonised in earth, moves us into action to create majestic futures from scripts we call into being with our ignited Love.”

The Lions Gate Portal 2020

The New opening to Earthly Oneness Awareness, is one of bodily coming home to ourselves, to realise ourselves as one with the soil of the earth. Our bodies are the site for renewal and it is our body-consciousness that is going through some changes.

Oh this day many old stories have gone home through the portal.

Old stories of bodily disconnection as the natural state of physical existence. Disconnection from the earth, so that her body became a hostile territory to our body and the story of human evolution for a time was one of overcoming the elements. 

A New relationship with the elements within us is changing how we evolve

Now the story of human evolution is one of humanly harmonising with the elements. We are toddler’s in this picture, here at the beginning of the new on the edge of the ending old. But it begins.

And we are resolving our bodies story of separation 

  • To life and the force of life in action.
  • To being earthed and being grounded.
  • To breathing symbiotically, regeneratively, in all our cells, her energies. 

This Lion’s Gate

We’re opening another gateway to life energy, as the marriage in us between our Gaia and our Pan consciousness heals itself from millennia of distortion.

Those of us who’ve been having difficult dreams and discomforting things surfacing that seem incohesive, they haven’t been. They’ve been the clutter of discordant memories rising to the surface representing our illusions and attachments to illusions about our earthly bodies and how they take in life force energy, in its masculine aspect of force, light, directional ambition, the part of us that can get things in motion.

Throughout our pandemic experience, there have been a series of deep Gaia-awareness alignments. And as a result each one has called up within us our aligned inner Pan or life force. This had been leading us to a new way of breathing. An Alchemical Breath.

This Divine marriage has been healing and clearing and renewing in us, thanks to a core dissolve of the ancient relationship between humanity and the planet it lives within. The bubble of separation consciousness that existed and was embedded even in our energetics, keeping us cut off from earth and cut off from the central sun, requiring us to connect consciously in dynamic and mystical ways, this bubble has dissolved from our energetics and we have been resting within our natural interconnectedness. At least energetically.

This shift was brought about by the shift in the collective consciousness and is now translating to consensus awareness by means of catalysing events, the wave events if 2020.

The guides:

“The hidden gift in the wearing of masks is the opening of the beginners ability for unconscious pranic breathing. This is triggered when the system is deprived of oxygen through the nose and mouth. It is a long-dormant natural human ability that is ready to come back online in a collective consciousness that has not remembered it for some time. It has not been possible before now to trigger this ability into action. For many it is still a far fetched idea. However the system remembers. And at the foundational level, is triggered into opening this functionality through the denial of oxygen intake via the nose and mouth. This is another symptom of collective evolution. This is not to say that the phenomena of mask wearing is not, in other ways harmful. That those seeking to give voice to this are serving themselves in their emerging Sovereignty. We have said before, world war 3 is a war of emerging Sovereignty, through which the need for war itself will be transcended. How and how fast this happens depends upon you all. And how you work with the magic of possiblity. No, we are simply pointing out that in this phenomena, there are ways in which it is serving you and ways in which it is harming you. Both of these things can be true at the same time.

And it is in seeing this and applying this to other things, you can adopt the attitude that transcends the need for war.”

It is not one thing or another. There is room for both. This perspective can be found when we open our hearts over our minds, responding with the unconditional love that transcends our human conditional love. This love is Divine and calls us home to our divinity.

These wave events of 2020 are here to call us home to our hearts, for that is the gateway that is now calling us home, opening us to oneness Awareness and resting us in the natural state of being divinely aligned.

Thanks to Humanities tremendous conscious efforts, to respond consciously to what has been happening this year , the heart resonance has already dissolved the need for one of the disasters that was lined up ready to call people into the vibration of compassion. This was unexpected, according to the guides far exceeding any thing foreseen as likely.

And this brings us to the now energies of creating. Of opening up potential futures that haven’t existed before and by far exceed our expectations or beliefs in limitations.

In 1983 a spark of a future appeared, among all the possible futures, that all contained versions of the same outcome. Of Humanities end on earth. For a time. This spark of a future contained the possibility of humanity continuing. 

With it, the light of awareness was focused on this one spark of a possible future. And action was inspired. Goddess was petitioned to intervene in humanity’s behalf. And Goddess says yes. She brought her blessing in the shape of opening the portal we can the Sirius Vortex which is not of Sirius but is closer to Sirius than to anywhere else. Through the Sirius Vortex opening, love. Unconditional Love as benevolence poured forth into our galaxy. Into earth. And Divine dispensations liberating us from contracts to continue to evolve through karma were gifted, along with the Grace that would rest us in the Unconditional Love that we could transcend our stories with and remember ourselves by. And councils formed to oversee the transition, to assist with our alignment with this spark of a future. Overseers charged with consulting the freewill of humanity and asking us, as one human consciousness, were we choosing to ascend with Gaia and remain embodied through her Ascension, asked us. And we said yes. We would remain within earth as she and we ascended together, rather than end and return at some later date.

And because of this, here we are. We were asked a question again by this same council of overseers. Early on this year, humanity was once again asked – do you wish to stay here, within Gaia, while she ascends. And are you prepared to go through this. We said yes. Unanimously yes.

And so we have asked to be called home to our hearts. These wave events of 2020 are here for this. Each one. 

To call us home to oneness Awareness in every aspect of ourselves. Every layer of who we are as consciousness having an experience of itself here in earth.

For a long time, the human body has experienced this earth as hostile territory. And through belief, expectation and distorted, unconscious desire, we have made it so.

As we’ve reached the pinnacle of our exploration of this sojourn into earthly separation, we are ready to return from the brink of extinction and remember what it is to be a body that breathes as one with the earth, to be a body that breathes life seamlessly, in continual cycles of renewal.

And there is an Alchemical Breath that we have been gifted, through this 8-8 portal this year, that will greatly assist us in the weeks to come. 

When we breathe this breath over the coming weeks, those who practise it will be breathing for all, in effect. For it will be fed into the collective consciousness where it becomes available to all in resonance with this.

Once brought to light through sharing and put into action, it brings new possibilities into being for all.

And the theme of this lions gate portal, one among many, is bringing new possibilities into being 

That is what defines us as sovereign cocreators within reality.

Knowing we can do this. And that nothing is set and determined. Certainly not our limitations. 

Now is a call to freedom, liberation, to acting on the dreams that drive our bodies when they burn in our hearts. The fire, grounded and harmonised in earth, moves us into action to create majestic futures from scripts we call into being with our ignited Love.

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