Lion’s Gate Update – We’re Still In the Portal

Believe it or not we’re still in the Lions Gate Portal of energies – bringing a huge new alignment for us to ride. And it’s been quite a ride

Healing how we relate to Life. Take Action to Heal the Heart. Energy Update 2020 – Lions Gate

Small steps in the right direction will bring us face to face with what we have to move through, so we can receive the gifts that are for us and align our action with our soul purpose.

Life is my ally

How many of us can truly say that with a straight face? Wherever we don’t believe this right now, that’s what will be surfacing for us.

We do this every year, every lion’s gate. We meet life, meet our illusions about life and align to become the person who is beyond them.

Our wounded beliefs, based in histories of trauma experience re-presenting the same old stories for us to respond to. Only this time, it’s so we can release some of those core stories for good.

Because we are fully supported in this. We reclaim more of our sovereignty and we receive the new life force that’s only available for what’s in flow. What’s truly in flow with who we truly are. We’re truly only energised to act in alignment with our purpose.

The Medicine: Take the action

Right-aligned actions, the heart-aligned, joy-aligned, excitement-aligned actions are going to lead us true but its hard to feel that when there’s unprocessed emotions in the way,.

When we take actions aligned with that, we pick up the gifts that come with this portal. And we face triggers that help us renew old stories. Old beliefs about our relationship with Life itself.

You’ve heard the old addages; don’t let life bring you down, life is this that or the other. Now we’re having an intensified time of finding out what our personal addage is, and calling this into truth.

What if Life is my Ally?

Can we, without flinching, face where we don’t believe this. The part of us that laughs, socrns or derides that. Why. Where does that come from? What happened to us to make us feel that way? How did it hurt us. What is hurting, right now that needs our compassion. Our recognition.

What is calling us to heal what’s hurting in our hearts?

Facing Our Emotions

Facing the emotion is the key to bringing ourselves into this new alignment with Life.

Feeling this, honouring this, hearing what it has to say, while detaching from the story. Meeting the emotion and recognising that a part of us is telling ourselves the old story. The story that’s been live in us for so long. That’s become part of our wall of expectations and part of how we create our reality.

Something is Dying and We’re Called to Grieve

Death is happening now. Our old relationship with Life is dying and it’s calling us to grieve it, honestly.

Beyond that grief, the pain, the hurt of the past, there’s a new love, a new heart shaped clarity ready to define our relationship with Life itself. How does this human being in this body experience Life. In relationship with our allies, our loved ones. Our soul tribe here embodied, part of what keeps us going.

Old dependencies, ancient soul contracts are healing and renewing, now. So that those beloveds who helped us survive when Life itself was against us – they’re leaving, leaving us, or changing their role in our lives as we integrate a new alchemy for allowing. Allowing Life to be our Ally.

Heart-Led Action Aligns Us With Our Soul Purpose

It’s bringing up core stories in our relationship with Life itself. .Our energy to do what we’re here to do is being challenged and the medicine is still to take the action. Take the little steps. And face what comes from the heart.

Every little step we try to take to fulfil the small but important actions right now that are aligned with our hearts desires, soul purpose or that we know – we just know – are the right thing for us to be doing.

Every little step is going to bring us face to face with what we have to face. And we are transcending ancient allegiances that we made with Life itself. Old agreements, old ‘deals’ to survive what Life was going to throw at us.

Being The Person We Want to Be

What if we’ve already transcended what stops us living our truth, we already are the person who doesn’t have these stories any more, isn’t creating from those old scripts.

Our hearts are being cleared of the grief we feel for wherever Life has felt like it’s against. Old allies who helped us survive those times are leaving us, changing their role in our lives, as Life becomes our ally once more. In ways it’s never been.

Sadness Gives Way to Love, Love Gives Rise to Joyful Action…

…And then we are living our purpose

This is a turbulent time for the heart, but the medicine is act, face what’s in the way with compassion and meet what’s rising in our hearts. For as the grief gives way, Love can ignite Joy and bring with it the self-sustaining energy to act and fulfill our purpose. And the Lion’s Gate aligns our actions with our purpose.

Here’s to loving compassion and gentleness for ourselves in being with what this portal continues to move us through.

I’m here for support and if you feel like you could do with some assistance coming into alignment as well as hearing messages from the guides and receiving their gifts for you, Feel free to get in touch with me.

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