Lions Gate Story of Now Update video & channeled message from Gaia

Rebuilding civilisation from within –

opening to the arms of Love in the heart of matter…

This was always something achieved by imposing human will over an apparently hostile-to-bodily-comfort landscape.
So that signs if Hunan evolutionary success, became synonymous with status, became synonymous with signs of superiority over and detachment from the natural landscape.

And there was a need to deny comforts, stabilities, trappings of civilisation that removed us from our naturalness in order to know reconnectivity. Within, with all of Life and with the more of who we are.

Whereas now the paradigm reset in consciousness is taking place in and transforming the realm of matter consciousness and here and now is at work transforming the collective awareness that co-creates civilisation.

So we are regrowing ourselves from within
And regrowing what civilisation is to us from within.

This starts with reconnectivity to our infinity selves.
From reconnectivity with our cosmic selves.
From reconnectivity with our earthly selves.
And this reconnectivity allows us to regrow ourselves and to regrow civilisation in a state of truth and naturalness that reflects our awareness of connectivity.

This inner state reinforms how we’re impulsed to act outwardly in the world.

How we’re impulsed to act reinforms how we create together.

Until we’re impulsed to cocreate from the embodied realisation of our place within the picture of the whole.

Nothing is done in a state of separation. Our shifting perception is changing what we manifest so that our creations reflect that more and more.

Gaia Speaks – channeled by GevaAnn Woodland

Long time channel for Gaia, for the elementals, for the dragons and fire all emissaries of wholeness speaking in loving integrity, GevaAnn is a rare channel who direct channels withoutg first into trance state to’get herself out of the way.’ in my many years of working alongside her I’ve never experienced anything but absolute integrity in her channeled words. And so it is with love, honouring and deep respect I present a recent message from Gaia, spoken through GevaAnn.

To receive deeply what’s for you from this and let all else pass you by, my recommendation is to, as always, empower your inner listener, the you who knows what’s for you, by bringing the awareness into the breath, the heart and the sensations in the body while listening. This way we can listen more as the connected I.

channeled message of love from Gaia through GevaAnn


“Beloved ones, beloved ones, thank you. Thank you for being the trailblazers, for holding the visions, for knowing the truth that we are. Thank you. Thank you for making the long journey through the years. Through time and space, through all dissonance, holding the frequencies of love. Thank you. Thank you for making this long life journey to this point, where we can rest whole once again. Thank you. For, dearest ones, it has been essential that you played your part. You have played your part even when there has been no certainty that you would fulfil the dream. So it is time to celebrate. To celebrate. For indeed we have achieved our outcome. Together we dreamed this dream. Together we took the first faltering steps. Together we grew more confident. Together we fell over and got back up again. Together through the years of your lives, we have achieved this and so much more. We have called al the others into being, who were uncertain. We have called into being the universe, the galaxies, to support, for they began to see that it was possible, that the one step that we took was the one step for all and indeed we could accomplish it here, in this reality that we created together. Thank you, dearest ones, thank you for playing your part in this great story of evolution in creation. Thank you. You are held in the greatest of love by All That Is, for making this great journey you are doubly held and doubly loved. Blessings on you all, thank you.” – Gaia Speaks through GevaAnn.

She just has such love for us. It’s just amazing. (GevaAnn)

Lions Gate energy update 15th August ’19

As we embody the love that we are in the realm of matter, we change what we make real for our collective consciousness.

There is a movement in Consciousness today for:
Embodying the vibration of love in the body so that matter vibrates in our cells with the resonance that informs us of wholeness, allowing us to detach from mental constructs, ideas and beliefs invested in separation and duality.

Letting our actions today be impulsed from a state of loving connectivity.

Coming into our heart space into our bodies, so that our mind constructs can dissolve.
And so that we see with the eyes of consciousness, opening and activating our third eyes today to see more of what is real for us.

Today is a day for detaching from the illusion so that a new reality can be efficiently rewoven collectively and individually.

Story of Now video update

As with all material, I recommend empowering the inner listener and listening to this from the heart. Let the words roll on by and direct the awareness inwardly, into the breath, the heart space, the sensations in the body, to stop the mind taking over as listener.

Transmissions are a perspective, designed to awaken our own inner knowing, inner responses and inner remembering.

They’re never intended as an imposition. There purpose is to inspire our own perspective to come forward. So that’s why I suggest listening from the heart, not the mind. Because then the perspective that can come forward in us can come from the connected Self and bring something new to us.

When I talk about the trajectory of consciousness making a return to civilisation, I don’t mean everyone on their path of distancing themselves from the civilisation they’ve encountered needs to stop doing that. Not for a moment. But that thanks to so many brave, beautiful warriors and ambassadors for truth have beaten that path of consciousness to themselves, the collective of human consciousness is now receiving the gifts of the few. And this means there is now a pathway into civilisation that is opening and allowing for for the re-entry of people living in truth to our selves, our naturalness our wholeness and our connectedness, to integrate in society as civilisation rebuilds itself from the inside out, thanks to the presence of the connected I in consciousness.

Archetypes – a Story of Now on the Evolution the Consciousness

This looks at the trajectory of collective consciousness opening to re-enter and reintegrate in civilisation, as this is rebuilt from within. We look at some of the emergent archetypes awakening in us and at one of the old archetypes dissolving in us, collectively at this point in time.


GevaAnn Woodland – direct channeling Q&A sessions

GevaAnn Woodland offers direct channel Q&A sessions for those who wish to take responsibility for their co-creating and consult their guides. Get in touch with her on her new Facebook page set up just for this, here:
A conscious, concise, direct channel for your guides and for the voice of Gaia

Lucy Hunter – Blueprint Akash Readings

Opening up the infinity flower of Life and bringing your inner rhythms into harmony with the akashic imprint for wholeness in your energy map.

We gently open a space for the stories of you that to are ready to shift into wholeness. Blueprint Akash readings open up scripts deeply encoded within us that define our agreements with reality. Wherever there is something ready to move into a higher alignment with wholeness, we bring a combination of channeled, resonance and process work to lovingly meet, hold and dissolve the old by opening to and immersing ourselves in the connected I.

See more or get in touch with questions here;

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