ENERGY ACTIVATION with Channeled Messages, Energy Healing & Meditation

Gaia Speaks in a channeled transmission to bring us into the deeps of Being

The Guides take us on a journey from rage and fear to working our magic together in creative play

Channeled activations, direct messages and healing support as we travel through TWIN FLAMES, CHAKRAS, GROUNDING THE DIVINE MARRIAGE in a unity alchemy of embodying sovereignty

Channeling and guided meditation with Lion’s Gate Activation

This is what we looked at: ALIGNING VIBRATIONALLY WITH THE BODY’S HIGHEST TIMELINE – The lion beings from Sirius bring the alignments, the activations and the ENERGETIC integrations that support us to open to Divine templates in our human blueprint. The guides open up their beautiful, uplifting frequencies in the field in this LIONS GATE CHANNELED ACTIVATION JOURNEY and help us come home to ourselves in to unity in this meeting where we:

💙 activate the twin flame template

💙 get guidance on how to align with our golden twin flame template

💙 open to the sacred inner creation alchemy of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

💙 open to the deeps of our being and receive vibrational healing from Gaia

💙 Access new healing gifts coming from our connection with the land that holds our body in its natural home (not always where we currently live)

💙 play together in a mini magic working of celebration

💙 receive help and support opening to and integrating the activational, energetic gifts for Lion’s Gate … while staying grounded and embodied in our here and now.

Have a beautiful lions gate!

so much love Lucy 💜💙💜


And let me know what moves for you. If Questions show up while you’re watching, post those in the comments and we can get to them next time.


Artwork: Kayden DiGiovanni



Lion Beings: Here in the still place in the centre of the heart we are connected throughout the dimensions of ourselves. There is nothing that does not respond – that does not feel the call to harmonise – throughout the dimensions of the Self – when we come home to the Stillness. This space, always here within us.

Nothing and no one has rights that can get in-between our attention & where it’s focused, where we choose to place this focus. That is sovereign. Your choice of where to place your attention is sovereign. Everything that stimulates, that arises, that brings itself into your field of awareness and swims to the forefront of your attention – everything that’s asking you to give it your attention, everything that jumps up and down, everything that tugs at your heart, everything that tells you you must feel guilted, or shamed or compelled or urgency to give it attention, everything, no matter how fiercely it demands your attention, is just an invitation.

We are the Lion Beings of Sirius. You feel the force we bring, but it is a force of love. And it is of forces we wish to speak with you today. For there are forces on the move in your physical bodies, no?

You are thrumming, you are thriving, you are vibrating with the aliveness of strong, physical forces that want to erupt in a blossoming of cocreative energy. To fuel you. It is assumed that you have already chosen your directions. Of course, for some of you this is not the case – the energy is making this assumption – that you have a direction, that you know who you are, that you are ready to come into action and join with others, to be the leaves in the tree of life above ground, letting your leaves dance with the leaves of other trees; the people who are with you in your playing field.

And of course every tree you connect with has their own sovereign purpose. Everyone has their own sovereign purpose. This is the transformation that has been being supported these last few years and the phenomenons in consciousness that have been rolling  one after another, one into another, accumulating, gathering energy, to affect this change and bring about what supports you moving into deeper and deeper embodiments of sovereignty.

Now – now you are to stand in your own field, in your own power, allow this power to come from the love , the core, truth of who you are, from the All That Is, that has breathed life into you – you, this unique individuation, the cell of consciousness that is a unique eruption of beauty that is a song that lifts the heart of all creation. You are a song that lifts the heart of all creation – the beauty ready to come out in you is you.

You are the beauty that is ready to express in yet new ways – that you haven’t yet tasted, you haven’t’ yet touched, you haven’t’ yet seen or heard.

Your senses are being rebirthed – the reason for you having your senses is being rebirthed in the  templates that govern how you are to experience your reality. Your human blueprints are in a quickening of being rewritten from within as you change the codements of how you experience reality, moment to moment.

And for some of you this quickening is accelerating you through your growth way faster than in other lifetimes, where you might have spent many, many lifetimes slow-learning things.

Suddenly, many of you are thrown into a quickening that accelerates you faster than the accumulated experience of many lifetimes put together – and you’re doing this in a day. Do not underestimate what you are already achieving, what has been accomplished, the rate at which you are moving. You are the embodiment of your truth, you are the embodiment of your sovereignty, in ways too numerous to sit and catalogue. All we can do is hold a reflection from where we see and meet with you now

Me: What they’re doing is showing me, rather than bringing the words in. So I can try and bring in the words to describe it and its just – they’re showing us as beings of light – white, bright, beautiful, but with golden colours, with sacred geometries – I’m getting a lot of tetrahedrons and diamond tetrahedron shapes, but also other shapes in here, too and they’re showing us – I think what I’m seeing really is the merkaba and that’s how they see us is the merkaba – ok, that’s a yes from the guides. We’ll let them resume.

Lion Beings (New Speaker): You are indeed as brilliant as we see you are and it is this brilliance that you are here to embody. Which means you will bodily come into vibration with light; with the highest, quintessential frequencies in your divine blueprints; who you are.

Goddess blew the bubble of you into being for a reason. You have a unique imprint and an identity for a reason. Not to distract you from truth. But to sing a song that can be sung in harmony with the universe. Your song lifts not just you but all those around you. You know this, you can see it. Smile at someone – it is self evident. Imagine what is happening at the dimensions of your merkaba, of your light bodies, imagine now for a moment, how each of you are lifting – you could count, but you would run out of numbers. And it is not one person lifting many in the dark. It is many people lifting each other already firmly established in the light. Firmly. Beautifully, we cannot emphasise this enough. 

Me: Hmm, they’re just inviting us to bask in that for a moment, turn attention inwards, feel how we’re physically feeling in the body. Their transmission is encoded with frequency packets that are going to help us drop into that lovely resonance of the divine matrix of the physical body – these are what the encodements are pointing to, this is what aligns us with the body and the body self’s highest timeline. So a little bit of technical jargon there from the Sirius – hm, call them technology teams.

Ok so we’re moving into energy transmission so stay with your own experience….

Extract from the channeled messages and energy activations with Gaia and the Lion Beings of Sirius this Lions Gate.

Channeled through Lucy Hunter – Infinity Resonance 08-08-2022

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