Keys for abundance during this lunar eclipse

Working with the eclipse energies

Themes to work with this lunar eclipse

  • Giving ourselves permission to take pleasure in receiving the resources that fuel us
  • To take the action towards giving form to our heart’s desire in our life’s work.
  • Closing the gap between work and play.

These themes of abundance and prosperity are embedded within this eclipse window.
To access who we are and do what we’re here to do, and to release the infinite abundance of resources that fuel our prosperity.
The how of it lies in connecting with our feminine side this eclipse, being in our sensory bodies, feeling our rhythms and letting what’s rigid in the structures that support our lives loosen – even if it’s just for a moment. Making that space, giving that domain to being-ness.

So that our active, dynamic, structured side, the part of us that gives definition to our days, our lives, our living, loving, working and creating, can have a moment to realign.
And on the other side of this eclipse window we can rise up in action refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take fresh pleasure in doing what serves our heart’s desires. Making space in our worlds to do more of what energises us.

The alchemy for this eclipse is pause, relax, surrender and notice where there is a feeling of security, pleasure, joy.

With a simple intention to let what is insecure, in denial of pleasure and in suppression of joy be healed in us and sent home for good.

In this way we can unlock some of the keys for abundance and loving our truths that are open for us during this phase.

Deeper work with forgiveness this eclipse

More on healing the inner story

  • What is there to forgive and have compassion for within ourselves at this time?
  • Diving within and doing the inner work…

Forgiveness to the one who has taken resources, rather than receiving what was freely given
Compassion for this one
Realisation and understanding that there was no other option open to this one, this one who took from our body, from the earth, from Goddess. For to meet the needs of this body in its lonely, separate, disconnected state. Because the eternal yes given by goddess to those who ask could not be heard from this place of disconnection, yet here was a self in need of sustenance, resources, permission to act and hearing only an absence of an answer.
And so acting and being judged, punished, suffering consequences. And falling further into separation, less able to hear the eternal yes of Goddess giving all that meets our needs, more in need of all that Goddess has… Taking with less integrity, less listening. Humanity has taken from the earth, from the body, and then imposed this will upon all in creating, from a place of no longer listening. Through no fault other than existing here, where consciousness was falling into separation, deaf to itself in all its likenesses.
This story lives and dies in each of us by degrees as we come home to remembering, to listening, to hearing again the eternal yes of Goddess, giving.

Permission for abundance is linked to deep, deep acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and understanding within ourselves, of the part within us that denied ourselves Goddess’ resources and the part within us which took without permission, these resources.
Where this story is playing itself out on the world stage right now pains us, there, at the heart of our strongest emotions in response to this, we can find our deepest wound within us. What are we sorrowful for. What is there to hold, accept, have compassion for, so that we can once again pick up the keys to the abundant universe and prosper doing what we’re here to do.

Being what we’re here to be.

This is a transmission. I recommend listening from the heart – bring the awareness to the heart, to the feeling of the breath and notice the sensations in the body while listening. That way we can tell more easily if we’re hearing something we’re in resonance with. Transmissions deliver information packages to levels of our awareness below the surface. They don’t speak so much to the mind and are best heard through the heart.

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