Just a few words on being with the energies of now…

With such huge gateways to ride through, there’s no expectation to stay centred and in peace through all of this. Right now, with the wave of emotional upheaval still strong after yesterday’s partial eclipse and full moon in cancer, the suggestion is to…

  • let go of trying to reject or understand what’s moving
  • Accept what’s moving emotionally as an energy. A force.
  • It can help to see this emotional force as an energy and to see this energy as a breath, moving through the body.
  • To bring our attention to the breath as a feeling.
  • To bring our attention to the body and bodily sensation
  • To be active and still keep our attention on our body and breath sensations while we’re ‘doing.’
  • To give sound to what’s moving through us. However that feels right for us.

This can help keep things simple, help the energy that’s moving to move, help the emotions to shift and transform and help us detach from giving them a story, identifying what our feelings might mean, taking action or making big choices based on what are temporary, morphic emotional forces going through a quickening upshift in us while our collective emotional Resonance is being lifted an octave and our internal fire is being cleared of some of what kept it in separation.

The powerful energies of now are helping cleanse our inner fire, so that later this year what is now distorted in anger within us can be liberated as joy to give positive, uplifting fire to our creative inner alchemy.

One of the ways this is happening, is the pain behind the anger, the pain the anger – and our fire – is protecting, has been accessed. Our vulnerability has been accessed, so that this can move and transmute. So that a layer of pain beneath that anger can be brought to the surface for healing. And we’re cleared of something that creates the need in us for the protection of anger.

This is in preparation for a year ahead that will see many triggers for that anger and other constrictive emotions collectively clouding our co-creative energy.

But it’s not all difficulty ahead. The emotional Resonances emerging this year will support us in divinely experiencing our humanity and humanly experiencing our divinity.

In referencing ‘divinity’ here, it’s a reference to experiencing oneness, wholeness and connectedness.

So we can help ourselves and each other when we reside in, remember, refer to or just lightly touch upon, what it means to us to feel, know and have awareness of that sense of connectivity within, with each other, with all of life and with all that is.

Because there will be plenty to pull us into the state of feeling human and feeling isolated, separate and small.

So this year there will be a call not to abandon our humanness and not to abandon our divinity as we begin a new level of dissolving our sense of separation from the matter of our worlds.

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