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Blueprint-Akash Energy Update November 2020

There are global stories now because there is global healing happening

As we get ready to turn again inward, to slow down, anchor and align in the silence, the stillness, we’re heading towards a more creative time. Where our creativity is aligned, has a direction that aligns us with our true natures and at the same time is released from the intensity of our active lives. We have an opportunity to give it space to emerge and grow .

Since summer and the inflow of divine masculine energy, we’ve had a time of dancing with our wounded shiva, healing our misaligned action impulses. And now we’re called to allow our shiva energy to be rested, renewed and realigned in the grace of shakti, as a world in motion is called to slow down once again and come home to itself.

Divine Matrix Reweavings – heart and head flow

There’s a clearing out and burning through the old head-over-heart stories. Burning away the old can sometimes have heavy or intense associations, but this in-flow of healthy fire feels light and clear. Clearing the way for the emerging golden energy that arises from our divine matrix and reweaves our human blueprints. All those old scripts we hold around these ancient head-over-heart themes.

There’s a golden pathway open in the petals of our human blueprint. I’ve spoken before about the petals of the divine matrix, the infinity flower of life. This petal flows from the heart, to the head and back to the heart again. As this energy flows, it’s aligning active, dynamic aspects of us. Someone named this as the ‘healthy fire’ – for me that’s a beautiful description of the nature of this. This healthy fire bringing it’s healing power to those stories in us, where that fire has been unhealthy. It’s healing the heart-head flow.

We can contact and rest in this opening petal of our divine alchemy. It can light up in us and bring healing.  

Overview – The Solar Solstice, Solar Flash and the Healing Solar Sun in Us

In the Summer solstice Solar Eclipse, There came a divine intervention from Father God, by which I mean, a lot of things happened all at once. So over the summer when there was this solstice solar eclipse, there was this huge impulsing of solar energy; the sun – the father – bringing with it divine consciousness and the resonance of this aspect within ourselves, in alignment, harmony. Our planet, our system, our bodies, our energy,our everything – absolutely everything was washed with this. This incoming opening, in our manifest reality and in us, physically and energetically. It was the return of the Father. Thelost divine Father.

Metaphysically and alchemically, father energy inlcludes everything action, structure, dynamic, goals. But it’s also our inner father archetypes, how our inner masculine relates with our inner feminine and with that huge, beautiful impulse, we received the gift as an energy wash, recalibrating, reconfiguring the biology of our conscoiusness.

There was a call to Universal Divine Father God for Divine Intervention, to hold humanity in Grace, so that with this tremendous Christ Consciousness phenomena, the solar flash, which would resonate in us and not only remind us of the truth of the divine father, which we’d forgotten, become separate from, it would bring that vibration all the way into our bodies, all the way in to our world, vibrating it all the way into the matter of our lives. Our reality is vibrating with this divine resonance and when there’s a divine resonance vibrating in fields of consciousness, anything which is dissonant – and ready- can be acted upon.

Dissonance starts to rise up and come into the light to be seen. So the second thing that happens when we are vibrating with this divine resonance – is that a lot of unwanted old stories comes to the surface. They doesn’t just dissolve instantly, we process them. We chose to experience them at some level. We have chosen to release ourselves from them and we have chosen to consciously heal our traumas of living long eons with all our unique versions of ‘not’ divine-father stories. Stories of the wounded shiva in us.

So they rise up from hidden places and we have to face our shadows, our darkness, and heal our trauma. Fears to do with the father have manifestations. Our fears about the state, authority, the patriarchy, power, head over heart, oppression and violation.

Each of us and collectively we manifest a kind of story for ourselves. And it’s real enough so that we can really process our own reponses to it. It’s not here to stay, it’s here to help us heal. So there are global stories now because there is global healing happening – around domination, the state, the patriarchy, the evils of the elite – all of these things, power and control, manipulation, they all have stories appearing now to help us heal. 

When we heal ourselves, our world can heal.

These stories aren’t here so we can make them real for our future. These stories are here, they’re here so that we can feel, we can touch, the trauma of all the horrible stories we’ve lived through, of patriarchal power and abuse and manipulation and control.

And as we collectively get angry, we get upset, we move, we find our feelings, we express them and we move through them. And this dissolves our attachments to the stories that are happening in the world. When we do this they can dissolve from the world stage because we no longer need them to play out. Everything that’s happening now is happening so we can evolve. That’s its purpose. There’s no one here not part of that.

Old stories cannot leave, change or end while we are there going “It’s really real, it’s really happening, we’ve got to stop it.”

As long we’re fighting, as long as we’re making a war, as long as we believe that because there’s darkness, we’ve got to be the light and use it to fight the darkness” the darkness can’t leave. and we remain codependently attached to it, locked in battle. Becoming like the very energy we’re fighting, because battle breeds separation with its Us and Them ideas, not unity, it promotes fighting, with its againstness. It invests itself in powerlessness by agreeing with the power of ‘They’ over ‘Us’. In the metpahysics of how we create reality, battle keeps us locked in a dance with the darkenss. Until we transcend the them and us, and face the darkness in ourselves, owning our responses and facing the not-okayness that’s happening. At that point, we de-invest in the dance and we reise above the battle, we change how we’re creating and reclaim our soveriegnty by owning our response-ability.

How we dethrone the darkness in us

The moment we can face the darkenss and feel a scream, feel the rage, feel the pain or the despair or the despondency, then that stored trauma can vibrate its way out of our reality, no longer a part of what’s creating for us. No longer a motivation in our decision makeing. And we make new, clearer, lighter, liberated choices, decisions. What’s directing us into action is coming from a cleare, lighter, liberated place. And it’s going to bring about clearer, lighter, liberating futures. As we make new decisions about what we are going to have in our reality and what we’re not going to have in our reality. That’s the power of Love at work in us. And that’s truly powerful. That heals us, because all the trauma stored over the eons, can vibrate out of our systems. And the old power stories can dissolve. The darkness will only get off the stage of our creations when we are done with it. It’s not the other way around. Tyrants are not here to create the future, they’re here to heal us and for no other reason. It doesn’t mean they’re conscious of it. Their presence here is triggering people and bringing to light the hidden darkness. 

What happens next depends on how we need to heal

So the Solar flash has been very powerful and in the summer there was the eclipse and the solstice solar eclipse, but it wasn’t just a moment, this was a crescendo, that solar eclipse and that whole time since then has been the wave of all our broken bits coming to the surface. It’s like that was the tidal wave and it’s gone and just like when a tidal wave comes inland and washes out, it leaves the debris of devastation. We have to go in and cry and grieve and heal and clear up. And that whole time since that solstice solar eclipse collectively we’ve been looking at the devastation. 

And we’ve been healing, and clearing up. And what happens now is uncertain because it depends on our healing. What do we need. How much more healing and of what kind, do we need. Do we need to be triggered still, in which case the darkness will stay on stage. When we’re ready to heal differently, the darkness can step off the stage. So it’s very uncertain. 

But because this was going to be so intense, Father God was petitioned for Divine Intervention to hold all of us in the resonance of Grace while we were going thorugh this so we could at least be held in love and in grace and protected a bit, from some of the intensity of that devastion in ourselves that we were going to have to face. 

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