Inner Temple 12th May 2019

Inner Temple May 12th 2019

Being relaxed within Goddess
Being relaxed within God
Gives rise to king and queen in earth
Sun and moon in a simple celebratory dance.
Beyond striving. Beyond reaching. Beyond trying, beyond need.

Nothing required one of the other. Both are.
And there is unconditional Gratitude.
Unconditional celebration. That arises spontaneously as the highest octave, of natural response, one to the other.

This is the template being seeded now in our human Blueprint – the potential for this manifested in the realm of matter. As a result of embodying the templates for divine alchemy in the formless and form (angelic and elemental) realms of the Self.

This brings a new level of potential for blissful co-creating into our fields. Calling us to be present with the easefulness in joy, to relax into the Is-ness in the pauses between our releasing the wounding, as the emergent elements push this up and out of us.

This Sunday’s Inner Temple will guide us into this emergent aspect of the Sovereign King in our human Blueprint and we’ll rest in our Solar plexus centre, meeting and moving with what’s coming in. Awakening to the new octave of Will, in balance within us.

When new core templates seed in the collective, great waves of wounded memories masquerading as reality are pushed up to the surface for us to re-respond to. To touch their pain, their sadness, their frustrations and anguish is to be alive to them. If we can then hold them not as their victim but as the conscious creator of our human experience, we have a chance to receive their gifts, detach from their grip and to let them dissolve for good, releasing the energy that was caught up in their constrictions to renew in us as life force.

Life force creating in us, as us, with us, as what Is flows in from Source, while what Was is allowed to leave in the breath of life.

These gifts of forgetting call us once again into believing in their reality, so that we may gather all they had to give us. Their intensity of experience is here not to hurt us, not to create in our futures, but to trigger the emotions that are ready to be released, the illusions that are ready to be re-realised from a new perspective. But eventually the wave will wash us back to the shore of our own remembering once more, because that is how we’re traveling now. We are being carried homeward on the tide, not outward. So we will land again on the shores of remembering our Oneness, our wholeness. And we’ll wonder how we could have forgotten.

And these moments of Grace appear through our tumultuous seas, to offer us a ride right back home, if we can reach in and land ourselves home before the next wave takes us.

Home to rest in the Grace experience, of what’s coming in, not the tumult of what’s leaving. This dance of forgetting and remembering…

We’re dancing here and now with Will… As the divine feminine calls the divine masculine into being, the emergent aspect within us is Sovereign Will as divine will at one with human will.

Not the human subjected to divine will, or effaced, denied, prostate. But human will arising as divine will in the seeding of an end to separation in this core template in our blueprints, giving rise to the next song in the dance of creating in us.

As our King arises and our Queen rests in unconditional Gratitude and Celebration that he Is, our inner Sun illuminates the seas of us, of All of Life and of All That Is in their inner union.

Balanced Will generates balanced force, giving rise to Healed Hope in our human hearts. And we’ll speak more on that after this weekend, moving into the divine human heart for the next Inner Temple.

This Sunday’s Inner Temple will take place in La Fuente at 7pm
Calle Cercado 5, Órgiva
By donations


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