I Am the Direction in the Dance

The Lost Masculine Awakening in Us

channelling through Lucy

Part 1

I am the direction in the dance

In All of Life

In All the Elements

In All That Is

You have many names for me

These names have been rejected

Many times

For they became associated with what I am not

With what in separation you made me

Recall the names for in these names I Am

You will find me again as who I Am

You will change the meaning of these to mean who I Am

For I was not forgotten

I was lost to humanity

I was lost 

Part 2

Dear ones as you awaken to your Goddess consciousness

As you rest in your Gaia Consciousness

You recall your God to you

For one does not exist without the other

One is ever present with the other

To rest in your Goddess consciousness

In your Gaia Consciousness

Is to rest in unity itself

And to call up your God;

The Direction in the Dance

Those of you whose Goddess consciousness has been asleep

Are awakening your Goddess consciousness

Those of you whose Gaia Consciousness has been asleep

Are awakening your Gaia Consciousness

As you awaken the forgotten Goddess or Gaia Consciousness within you

And you recall your God consciousness in unity within you

You birth your 5th dimensional Tara consciousness in you

Giving birth to divinity in the realm of matter

In the realm of humans co-creating within

With each other

With all of Life

With All That Is

This dear one is how and what

And what is now

Part 3

In this earth at this time

The castrated masculine

The forgotten, the lost God

Separated, castrated, annihilated

Is rearing its head

For this old energy is what God became in the consciousness of humanity

That which in separation

Needed castration

That which in separation needed annihilation

That which in separation was by its nature a violation

This old story rears its head in your world at this time

And your work dear ones is

To find, to meet, to honour, to witness, to really see, so that you can, to really look, so that you can see, so that you can…

… hold and dissolve in the infinite Unconditional Love and Compassion of Goddess this diseased masculine as it exists in the story of you.

Find your castrated masculine

Find your oppressed tyrant

Find your annihilated will

And hold these stories within yourselves

Find them

For when you do,

The creative Life force that is God in truth

Shall be released and renewed within you

To tell the story of truth in the Consciousness of you.

You are a part of the consciousness of humanity

Humanity is a part of the consciousness of Gaia

And Gaia is a part of the consciousness of All of Life

And All of Life is a part of the consciousness of All That Is

And so on

And so on

And so on

And so on…

Part 4

Do you see, dear ones?

The Direction in the Dance is arising

In the realm of matter

And next year this shall be a physical force

In the collective consciousness

These renewals

From duality into unity are taking place in the collective



Of the human blueprint now.

These divine elements of the whole human blueprint

Are being rewoven into your now human blueprint.

This is your work: to find, to own, to hold and to dissolve

Those elements of the castrated masculine in your unique imprints.

And know that you do this because you rest already

In the emerging element of the divine masculine

In the dance with your Goddess and your Gaia Consciousness

Birthing into Tara

Birthing Tara in you

And into the world

In this renewal.

The divine masculine speaks. A channeling in 4 parts from 3 different points of focus: All that Is, All of Life, within Us.

These words came through in answer to a question asked. The energy accompanying built as vibration as the realisation of the answer dawned and, in clarification, the words began to vibrate their resonance.

Thank you, GevaAnn for your presence and space holding, for enabling the words to flow.

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