We move stuck energy, stuck emotions, unfinished responses and reactions in the body, heart, mind and multidimensional energy fields

To events that may have happened to you, members of your family, you in past life incarnations. All of which can be alive in your energy biology.

When we shift the energy, the emotions and the unfinished reactions, the connected thoughts, beliefs and expectations begin to lift spontaneously.

Those thoughts, beliefs and expectations are part of our tool kit for reality creation. 

So healing trauma liberates us to create new, expansive, healed realities for ourselves. To manifest new situations. To manifest new opportunities and pathways out of our current situation.

What’s an example of early childhood trauma? Trauma can be very severe, traumatic events that caused us physical, emotional, mental or energetic harm – harm that did not finish healing and that remains as a vibratory action in our fields, informing our innate intelligence that a past threat is a present one. That the original event is still happening to us now.

This keeps all our protective, limiting, defensive and out of date tactics, beliefs, thoughts and expectations in place.

And it’s impossible to get beyond them through positive or constructive thinking.

We might consciously know that we are safe in this moment and the original trauma is not happening now – but our system is receiving the information that we are not safe and responding accordingly – as long as the original event remains unhealed.

But in this work I extend the definition of trauma beyond just the serious events that impact us, to include:

Any experience that is less than Unconditionally Loving. And remains unhealed in us.

That’s a very broad definition. And in session we’re not seeking out every event like that to heal it. But working in a listening way with those areas that are vibrating, alive and ready to come home to wholeness.

Usually we get signposted to a need for healing when what’s manifesting in our lives is dissonant. And our practical actions, or our attempts to control, change or choose a new situation consistently aren’t working.

That’s usually a sign it’s time to heal something causal in us – something deeper and possibly hidden.

Which is when I would suggest booking a session.

Why can’t I heal it on my own?

There’s a great deal of self healing we can achieve on our own and when we work together I’ll bring in maps and processes for this.

However with certain traumas and unhealed events in our lives, as we try to bring our attention to them, the protective mechanisms we have in place at all levels will override us and stop us from getting too close to the pain of the original event. That’s why it can be hard to access the memories of personal, traumatic events. Or to have clear thoughts or realisations around them

The system needs to recognise real safety before it will allow us access to trauma that could re-trigger us or put us at risk of being in an unsafe state. We could talk about trauma and unsafe states, and look at how experiencing pain and trauma carries with it as subtext a message: that at some level we must have deserved that pain. This is metaphysical but puts the psyche at risk of self destructive or even suicidal inclinations. Because it’s a short step from I must have deserved this to I don’t deserve to exist. Remembering these are not conscious, logical thought processes. But hidden and deeply metaphysical ones shared by many in response to deep trauma.

So in session, through process, we create safety that allows what’s ready to surface in a safe way.

To move, complete unfinished responses and for the vibratory energy to shift state, transform your internal story and lead to you manifesting new, expansive life situations for yourself 

I work empathically and somatically as an intuitive and channel, rather than using a clinical approach. I found early on I had an intuitive ability to help people heal in this way and I spent many years training and honing that. 

To have a chat with me and find out if this work can help, book your free consultation

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