Happy Solstice from the Guides – 2023 Predictions, Lightbody Upgrades, Alignment Gifts & Abundance Codes

Happy Solstice Integrating, lovelies. Here’s a collection of the channelings that came through this week with gifts and love from the guides. Dive in as you feel. Listen, receive and be with what’s for you. It’s been such a joy to connect with so many of you in these sessions this week. Love, Love, Loved our time together. 

Activations, Alignments, Reconfigurations, Insights & Uplifting Messages from our Star Guide Friends this Solstice – for now and with Guidance on what to expect in 2023

As well as guidance and advice on how to align with our highest potential timelines and lift our cocreating manifesting for 2023. The guides bring in Grace and gifts of Divine Intervention to give us hope, encouragement and joy. As well as support doing our internal work, to make our future experiences as benevolent as they can possibly be.

Tune into the channelings to receive the messages of love.

I haven’t transcribed all of these – there’s simply too much to write it all down. But you are invited to listen.

Enjoy! With Love,


EXERCISE: HOW TO LISTEN TO A CHANNELING (or to anyone, anywhere)

Recommendation – drop into somatic state listening to engage the inner listener and sovereign – to receive what’s for you in the most highly aligned way.

    • shift attention, with intention, into the heart and centre now

    • open to notice the sensations in the physical chest and the whole body now

    • rather than naming those sensations, intend to meet them as vibrations, free from story

    • as you listen, keep attention returning to notice the sensation of breath in the body, the sensations in the body as a whole

    • engage the Higher Self and invoke to receive only what’s for you in a way that’s safe, loving and appropriate. Giving permission for anything to be ‘stored for later’ as appropriate

This frees us from mind listening, letting the part of us that listens in the language of frequency receive, integrate and activate, reconfigure and process as appropriate, the frequency packets that are always encoded in any transmission of any kind. Especially channelings, which are always more of a frequency transmission than a verbally informative one.

Channeling #4 - The Guides from Sirius on Abundance - a Special Solstice Day gift hours before the Solstice Apex

Solstice Sirius Channeling - Abundance Gifts - activations, alignments, reconfigurations, guidance & inspiration on opening to, resting in and living in abundance from now and into 2023

The guides help us align, open, receive and activate the solstice gifts of abundance, giving us guidance on how to expand and sustain being in the energy of abundance. They talk about a new dimensional field of energetics opening in our lightbody; that we are shifting from electro-magnetic, to chrysto-electric and now to something even higher dimension, that we’re calling the quantum-electric. And this helps us to vibrate in harmonic resonance with multi-dimensional fields. They talk a little about the technicalities of this and how the work is focussed in the body for us. That they are overlighting very specific elements of this upshift for us. I love when the Sirius guides speak – because they tend to bring through a loving, graceful and deeply wise and kind perspective on the light technology of consciousness. Giving us something to continue to align our earth more innovative technologies with, I always feel.

Pleidians channeling on aligning with love over fear and preparing for the next planetary shift

Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromendans & Mintakans - Star Alliance channeling

The alliance of these guides bring through channeled guidance on Gaia’s planetary shifts and how humanity can have the most graceful experience within that.


SOLSTICE ORACLE SESSIONS – Channeled QnA Live with the Guides on Ascension, The Evolution in Consciousness, Mastery in Sovereign Cocreation within Gaia and Love and loving relationships – the foundation for creation in our human experience.

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