Full Moon Update

Aligning with the Energies of this snow moon

The Grace Resonances of the 13 full moons in 2020

An Energy Archetypes & Alchemy Update Feb 8th 2020

The Full Moon Today


These past few and next few days concentrate our inner work on opening safely to the wounds in the heart of the inner child who feels they are separate.

We need the vitality of this inner child to be with us, supporting us as the driving force of the energy to our creating. And wherever they feel abandoned, separate, something crucial to our survival is held in a lock within us, acting as a block to our joyful, aligned action. 

So they need to be welcomed, seen, heard and held by the inner parent – the sovereign inner parents within us. Their experience needs to be validated and ‘fed back’ to Oneness. So that their pain can be released and their vitality can return to us as the joyful action in our creating. 

There may be much moving in our hearts at this time and it can help to sit and open to feeling whatever is there. Without needing to name this, without making stories out of it and freeing ourselves from making decisions about the shape of our reality right now.

We’re likely being triggered to move emotions that will help us vibrate old agreements with reality out of our individual and the collective fields. 

So the suggestion is, be with what’s moving, allow for things to be different in the next moment and the next one. Let everything be there and know it will flow, move and change shape. 

Grace Gateways help us rest in the resonance of connectivity that heals these old stories leaving our fields at this time. We open to touching upon dissonance as this resonance heals what’s transforming in us.   

Each of the 13 Full Moons this year represent Gateways to Grace, for us to open to and heal lost parts of ourselves. And as we do, to resonate more fully with the vibration of unity consciousness.

These 13 Grace gateways this year takes us through a new and moving event horizon in the collective evolution of consciousness, into a greater realisation of Oneness-awareness in the realms of Matter-consciousness. 

Matter consciousness simply refers to the consciousness of Matter itself, becoming Self-realising. In short this means our inner process work for those of us intentionally conscious of our realisation and embodiment journeys are set to play themselves out more and more physically, with a greater call to apply oneness awareness in our physical situations. 

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