Full Moon Update – Portal to Sovereignty – Healing how we respond

June 2020

When we own our emotional responses, healing these in the Love that we are, we call the power back to Love and open a gateway to sovereignty within ourselves. This dethrones the tyrant. This is happening now. Both within us and on the world stage.

SUMMARY in brief http://infinityresonance.com/2020/06/04/full-moon-summary-portal-to-sovereignty/

All that’s required is our authenticity – our openness to be moved, to really be honest with what we are feeling and to let that flow – without panicking that we need to do something to stop the emotion happening, change the emotion, make a story of the emotion, to allow ourselves to respond. And in responding we claim our sovereignty. Here’s another story running right now. 

When we own our responses to what’s happening to us, whoever is doing it to us, this is one face of reclaiming our sovereignty. When we own our responses and we can say I am feeling this and we allow those responses to move, those responses lead to new choices and collectively now is a time when we are making choices. And we are not powerless.

Power is emerging in the softness of an opening heart and this strange and beautiful alchemy  this natural alchemy emerging in this now moment is when we allow our heart to be vulnerable and feel truly what it really feels, we allow love to flow in us, to be vocal, to have its voice in us. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we allow ourselves to be soft, what arises is fire. What arises is a force that protects that. It calls it into being. When we are soft and we are in our hearts and we are authentic and we respond in our truth we call forth the fire that arises in service to softness. We call forth the power that arises in service to love. We reclai our sovereignty and the tyrant in us dissolves and the leader, protector of the love that we are is called forth. There is a strength in vulnerability. There is a strength in softness, that we are accessing collectively I feel through the authenticity in the honesty of opening our hearts to how we truly feel in response to what we see around us. What the world is offering us to respond to, right now. 

So the suggestion is, when you feel soft, be soft. When you feel emotions, allow them. And allow that vulnerability and that softness space for it will call forth in each of us that balanced fire. That divine leadership. And it recalls the power that we’ve given away to the false tyrant, within ourselves or outside of ourselves. It recalls us home to our sovereignty.

In owning our responses and healing them in the unconditional Love we are, we recall all the power we’ve given away to the tyrant within us and their reflection in the world we’re recreating together right now. This full moon the call is to feel. Feel fully and authentically, feel freely and allow the flow. Allow the new rare strength that arises within the softness found in our emotional vulnerability. Allow this to call forth the true guardian protector. Our inner guardians are being renewed. And so is this happening on our world stage right now.

Harmonic Resonance and the shifts in our Human Blueprint

So on Saturday morning (May30th) we collectively made an upshift into a new level of emergence as true humans within a dimension of heaven on earth unfolding in this collective reality. Very subtle and easy to miss because what’s visceral, what rises up to be seen, is everything that now needs to dissolve. And so there has been uprising of trauma, of pain. There have been events that have triggered this trauma, this pain. And the purpose is not to hurt us, the purpose of these dissonant events uprising in our awareness – rising up in our collective awareness, rising up on the world stage – is so that we can access our attachments, our pain. And the pain that has been there all this time. What’s been hidden gets to come to light. And what heals this pain – in my experience – is the resonance of the unconditional love, compassion that we are. That is innate within all of us.

These divine qualities generate a harmonic resonance of Grace and a field into which our dissonance, our old stories, our traumas, our hurt, our pain, our grief, can dissolve. Can be cleared, can be healed.

13 Moons are 13 Portals Home

Each full moon this year – each of the 13 full moons is a portal. A Gateway, opening within the human blueprint. Which means opening up the potential to be called home, in each of 13 centres for creating.

We’re renewing moment to moment and the alchemy in our human blueprints for that process of how we are renewing, what of us is dissolving, what of us is emerging, how we are growing and how we are being renewed – this is happening fractally, macrocosmically, microcosmically, moment to moment, beyond space and time. But there is a big process – a cogent process of renewal and recreation of rebirth and re-emergence taking place within our human blueprints, facilitating the emergence of the new human into the new earth. Facilitating a dissolution and a reemergence in each of our creative centres.

the full moon that we’re coming up to is the 3rd eye centre – which (in this creative alchemy) is all about how consciousness is responding to itself, responding to its own creations.

This Full Moon Is A Portal for Healing How We Respond Together – a portal to sovereignty

The full moon that’s coming this Friday is all about healing how we are responding to our creations. The Divine response  – the unconditional response is unconditional gratitude that I Am, that consciousness Is, that creation is happening. And when we open this portal – when this full moon opens this portal, we open up the resonance of the divine response, the unconditional divine response that we are creating.

What happens is this resonance, this harmonic resonance enables all of the other response that we are having – all of the conditional responses to our creation, all of the dissonant responses to our creation – all of the responses within us that we’ve been holding onto that are less than unconditionally grateful – these can rise up for healing. So what we’re likely to be feeling most strongly is these pained emotional responses to what’s going on in the world.

All of those other responses have a field of harmonic resonance which will not only cause them to arise but will give them somewhere to go, to be sent home to. This harmonic resonance of wholeness enables everything to come home to itself. To relax out of the dissonant patterns its been holding. To give itself up and be held. Harmonic resonance is actually emerging in our collective human field. Our group field. It is supporting the uprising of our responses to what we’ve collectively created

And as we allow those responses to emerge – those wounded responses, the grief at what we’ve done, the pain, the sadness, the emotional vibrations, the emotional dissonance can dissolve. We can actually collectively dissolve so much of our trauma throughout this coming week and this huge moon energy that we’re moving through

When we own our emotional responses, healing these in the Love that we are, we call the power back to Love and open a gateway to sovereignty within ourselves. This dethrones the tyrant. This is happening now. Both within us and on the world stage.

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