Full Moon Update March 2020

Passion Aligned with True Purpose

This moon, the shape of our aims can arise. The arrow has a focus to aim for. Let this focus come not from the mind looking outside itself into a world of problems based in lack – for that is also happening. 

But let the shape of our aims arise from our deepest intuition and knowing. Let the abstract in. Listen to the whispers of dreams and intuition, to the callings of the heart and the knowing that vibrates the whole of our body and our being. 

It doesn’t matter if the mind doesn’t have a keen grip on the shape of what’s being created in our future. The mind, here is the listener and the shape of what’s being created will reveal itself to a mind that stills itself sufficiently to listen. 

One of the ways we can do that is by bringing the seat of our attention into the heart, into the body and into the movement of energy running through our physical selves right now. It is a time for play, for awakening, for innocence and for joy. For lightness to lift us beyond what has been heavy. The inner work has been dived into in this recent initiation phase we have been through and we emerge into sunlight that calls passion into life, calling us into the dance as changed beings, more deeply aligned within ourselves. Even in the energy of play,we emerge as purposeful emissaries of becoming. Alive to our truest desires and held within our truest purpose, each step a dedication on the path of the future we are alive to creating with ourselves, each other, all of life and all that is. 

This is a time when new futures are taking shape in us, deep parts of our awareness are receiving the information of how things should look in our worlds. Whether the mind is receiving this awareness or not, we are immersed in our own purpose. We attune ourselves to its language when we dance with the abstract and let what’s definite in us be reinformed. 

The abstract reaches us as yearnings, desires, impulses and intuitions and when we want to bring the abstract into focus as something definite, following our excitement will align us with our passion which aligns us with out true purpose. This is true desire, freed from its confusing past and allowed to surface if we let it lead us blindly, alive to its call, moment to moment. There is a temptation to put on the brakes and demand how this now action, this thing we feel really alive to do in this now moment, how is this going to….lead us to our success …. solve the problems we are facing in our practical lives … look to the people who are looking at what we’re doing and judging us … look to the people who are looking at what we’re doing and worrying about us in a caring, concerned way. 

There comes moments when it’s just more important to make space in a moment for doing what really feels right and not letting the the mind apply the brakes. Call the impulses home to the heart, to the body, to a centred, connected self vibrating with its own truth. But don’t employ the mind to assert the past at a time like this. 

We are on yet another precipice of fundamental, foundational change in how we are creating together. This full moon opens the portal for awakening passion alive to our true purpose in right alignment with the more of who we are. 

The technicalities:

In the Energy Alchemy of the Human Blueprint, There are portals to oneness awareness opening in the realm of matter consciousness and timelines renewing including a reweaving of energies first opened to us in 1994, where we are releasing the old from that time to be with the re-opening of Love as innocence. There are 13 Grace resonances opening doorways to oneness awareness in us this year, this full moon opens us to passion, as creative desire with direction. 

We align ourselves with graceful passion when we call passion’s directional energy home within ourselves and own its energy flow within the body. 

Unaligned passion calls us out of alignment and into dissonance and distortion of purpose, where we enter the field of what’s releasing, which then becomes what we experience. 

Aligned passion, arising spontaneously from the abstract and allowed to move within us, opens us to the energising quality of joy held within love and rest us more fully within the embrace of the more of who we are.

In brief:

Trusting our excitement while staying open to the messages from our hearts and what’s vibrating in our bodies aligns us with our true purpose, helping us give our futures a shape we might not be able to see, but that supports us showing up in the world as who we truly are. Together we are at another precipice in our collective evolution and great changes are taking form in the foundations of our cocreating. 

Expect a continued focus on relearning the laws of prosperity from abundance.

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