Full Moon SUMMARY – Portal to Sovereignty

This full moon phase holds open a gateway in us – for healing our responses. It’s a gateway to Sovereignty. A time for emotional flow, authenticity, softness and the strength that arises within vulnerability as the compassion we are calls forth our healed, renewed guardians and protectors.

“When we own our emotional responses, healing these in the Love that we are, we call the power back to Love and open a gateway to sovereignty within ourselves. This dethrones the tyrant. This is happening now. Both within us and on the world stage.”
The energies of this full moon support us in healing our emotional responses by allowing them to flow. Honestly. Unboundedly. In full authenticity. It can help to let these flow without needing to name them. When we can detach the emotions we’re feeling from the events that trigger them, what’s flowing can move through us more freely. And we can clear ourselves.
What’s being healed collectively now is how we respond.
And deep, buried, hidden responses in us are needing to be unearthed so that as a collective animal we can heal and dissolve what we’re carrying. Because what we’re carrying – hidden or not – affects how we’re creating.
It’s a time for healing our responses by allowing them to flow.
The full moon opens us to the energetic resonance of Unconditional Gratitude. Not so we can suddenly be feeling this. But as a supportive, energy. A holding resonance, opening to help call our unhealed responses to the surface. This resonance of Unconditional gratitude – that we are creators, creating – this can be very hidden at times like this. When the pain rises up to be seen, heard, felt, accepted, validated and fully embraced.
But it’s there. Largely invisible. A supportive, loving frequency holding us right now while we collectively move through this pain.

This full moon phase holds open a gateway in us – for healing our responses. It’s a gateway to Sovereignty. The Divine resonance of Unconditional Love responding to its own creations with Unconditional Gratitude. That we are, that we are creating. In this Resonance, the dissonance that’s stored, suppressed and hidden in us will come to light, will come to the surface – will move.
The best we can do is let it and remember the love that we are. That connects us. And that what connects us is immeasurably more than what divides us.

Here’s to compassion, for ourselves and others. Here’s to softness and opening to our vulnerability. That slightly shaken, tenderised feeling we can have when our emotions are deeply moving in us. And here’s to a different kind of strength within that softness and that vulnerability. A softness that doesn’t need to be defended with fighting. But a softness that calls our healthy fire up in self protection. Loving boundaries built out of heart-led statements to the universe, to our world, to each other and first and lastly to ourselves, of what we are, what we’re for, what we will and won’t accept.

There’s a full moon update here, with more on harmonic Resonance and the shifts in our human blueprints supporting us move through this portal to Sovereignty



Artwork: https://andrewgonzalez.storenvy.com/

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