Finding Your Creative Fire in a Crisis – Elohim

Channeled Message from the Elohim

How to Work Creatively with these Wave Events

The 2nd of 3 Messages speaking on the wave events and how to work creatively with these – May 31st 2020

Audio channeling below. See also

We wish to recall you to the creative potential alive within every platform for growth and the upcoming events are no different.

When you align within your own individual creative impulses you also align with the creative potential inherent within any crisis, within any event. And this is what we would like to advise – if we were to advise you on how to align with the more graceful experience of the waves to come – to align with your creative impulses.

As you do this, each of feeds back to the collective consciousness, cocreating together the positive outcomes you would like to see.

These are not arbitrary of course. Rather they emerge as inspiration within you when align with your Selves and open to your own creative alchemy.

You are master creators of your own reality. Part of the purpose of this upshift is to assist you in remembering that. And beyond remembering that to implementing this.

Some of the fire that will arise shall support you in finding your ‘Nos’, which can give rise to what is then ‘Yes’ for you and in identifying your ‘YES’ you find your creative fire.

The upcoming events are here to help support you finding your creative fire.

Creative fire in flow, creative fire and water, creative fire and the fuel for your creative fire. Creative fire and air. And the creative fire in earth – where it comes into form.

We shall be moving through your creativity in an elemental dance that leads you through the emergence of your Selves as the truth of the earth, air, fire and water you are. As the new physiological human emerges within the new physiological earth as she reforms.

There shall be events that shall cause turbulence. Many of you are feeling this turbulence in advance of these events. Because you are now moving through a wave form reality where the ripples of all move in all directions and you are connected, much more connected – able to feel things more clearly, sensitively and with greater awareness as a community of human consciousness within earth.

Artwork – Christina DeHoff

Listen to the Audio Channeling

Channeled May 31st 2020

Channeled through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance).

Lucy is an open channel, acting as a voice for messages of unconditionally loving integrity, from all of consciousness.

Channeling is a way of speaking from points of focus beyond the personality. It is an art and the messages that come through in this way are a perspective. They cannot be an absolute truth and they can never replace our own truth. The most any messenger can hope to do, I feel, is transmit information, codes, keys and frequencies, that open us more deeply to our own truth, help us remember latent gifts and awarenesses and access more of our innate knowingness. For me that’s the purpose of sharing this. Never to impose upon or replace what we know for ourselves.

So this is why I suggest, with all channeling and in fact with transmissions of any kind, from anywhere, from anyone, to engage what I call our ‘inner listener.’ The ultimate filter and our highest source for personal discernment.

I do this with intention and attention. I intend that only that which is for me should land. I bring my attention to my heart and centre and stay focussed on how I feel, physically, in my whole body, while I’m open to what someone else is transmitting. There’s more to it for me, but this is my basic, return to point for safe listening.

The Elohim Speak on how to work creatively with these Wave Events

Channeled Message from the Elohim – Finding your creative Fire In a Crisis

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