Events – fortnightly meditations & monthly QnA channelings

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On the last Thursday of every month, there’ll be an opportunity to meet online with guides in unconditionally loving service, to receive transmissions, support, gifts and responses to our questions.

Suggested Donation 18€ / £15 / 20$

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“Lucy feels really Authentic. She’s in touch with something I wouldn’t want to label. But when she channels I feel that there’s absolute truth coming through and it has been very useful to me when questions have come up. When I’ve had difficult times, when I’ve been looking for an answer to something, she’s come through with some really beautiful meaning for me. So as somebody who can be quite a cynic I actually do resonate with what she says and it’s helped me in times of trouble. And other times as well.”

-Jane Roberts

Register to Join the Online Alignment Sessions

Every fortnight we’ll meet online for meditation, group exercises and to share. These sessions are for helping us align with our divine human blueprint and open to unlock gifts from within.

Every Other Tuesday

duration: 1hr / 90 mins

UK 7pm / CEST 20hrs / EST 2pm / PST 11am

Donation suggestion £10/12€/$15

Suggested Donation 10€ / £12 / 15$

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“deep, powerful, like receiving a hug from the universe”
Dani Laura.

“I absolutely gurantee you will leave any of her sessions feeling safer, more grounded, connected and blissful that when you started.”
Kati Vernon

Blueprint-Akash Readings & Sessions

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Bluprint-Akash Sessions are for helping us come home to our centre, ground, align and connect with who we really are, collecting our gifts and accessing our inner guidance so we live our truth and embody our sovereignty more joyfully, gracefully and lovingly.

With channeled support, guidance, energy work and messages from guides of unconditionally loving integrity.

Recent Channelings, Updates, Podcasts & more…

Deep Healing in the body – Blueprint-Akash Update & Meditation

Divine Oneness Vibrating as truth in the body consciousness of the collective now Following this New Moon lunar gateway, the frequencies of unconditional Love are restoring the body’s own remembering of Oneness as a vibratory state of beingness. Flooding the field with new information that is pushing old crisis energy and old fears to theContinue reading “Deep Healing in the body – Blueprint-Akash Update & Meditation”

Elemental Activations in the Gaia and Human Blueprint & Sirius channeling – New Earth Technologies

Published Full Moon June 22 – preparing for the SUMMER SOLSTICE There are elemental activations taking place now not only in the collective human blueprint but in the blueprint for Gaia herself, marking an important time in the trajectory of joint evolution of humanity within the planetary consciousness. June 2022 Full Moon Blueprint-Akash Energy UpdateContinue reading “Elemental Activations in the Gaia and Human Blueprint & Sirius channeling – New Earth Technologies”

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