ENERGY ALCHEMY UPDATE – Major Waves to Come – May 2020

Major Wave Events to Call Us Home to Ourselves

Channeled Message from Sirius – Liran Alliance

The Lion Beings from Sirius – Waves to Come May 2020

Major waves to come that support a Homecoming in consciousness

You are returning yourselves to a state of harmonic resonance within the fields of consciousness in which you reside as cocreators within all that is. These are the steps that will lead you there

Dear one, indeed. There is a world event of major proportions lined up for humanity to experience in answer to humanity’s own request for guidance and assistance in coming home to Oneness Awareness. And being in alignment with Gaia’s transition with the ascension programme, you might say.

There is a need to recall you all from the games, from the creations in which you have become ensnared. So great has been the sense of vulnerability to these creations, vulnerability to the situation, vulnerability to the leaders you have created for yourselves – placed your authority outside of yourselves – So great has been this ensnarement that the request from the collective consciousness of humanity has asked for and agreed to major events. Major wave events. We could say simply, major waves that support a homecoming in consciousness. A release, en masse, collectively, all together where it’s possible to, shall we say, like a sneeze (laughter), release yourselves from the rules of reality that you have made for yourselves.

Gaia is ascending and you are ascending within her, as one with her, as part of her and while the collective consciousness of humanity is aware of its interconnectedness, it is also aware of the gap in realisation of this interconnectedness. The gap in actions, leading to manifestations and the behaviour necessary to sustain the systems, the world systems that support the bodies you are, in their stability, this behaviour that is necessary to support these systems, is actually the opposite in many ways of the behaviour required to thrive in the new conditions that are arising in your cocreated collective reality. In your conscious awakening of Oneness Awareness. The behaviours that support you maintaining stability in your world systems now are those very behaviours that support you in maintaining a sense of disconnectedness. A state of separation awareness regarding yourselves as isolated units, one from the other, within yourselves, one from all that is and one from the planet, isolated from everything – these conditions no longer abide. 

There is, within each of you, in right timing, the ability to open doorways for the emergence of an inversion in your current behaviours but you could not do this unless you were detached from your current reality by forces that appear to be external.

Nothing is in fact external but you are experiencing everything outside of your bodies as external to yourselves and this experience is also going to be shaken. There will be wave after wave – wave events, wave happenings to call you home to yourselves. And while each of you look for reasons outside of yourselves for why these things are happening to you, what you are able to do is work through all your stories of having given away your sovereignty as master cocreators within the planet. 

This is the purpose of conspiracy theories as they are so named. We do not like this name for it is not honest. They are simply a signpost to both the illusion and the created actuality of power and autonomy that should lie within your sovereignty, that has been given away to external forces. Areas within yourselves where you are experiencing a victimhood. We would not wish to dismiss all of these experiences as illusory. Rather to point to the fact that what you believe you manifest as real for your own experience. In truth, there is no one cause of what is happening to you all. Rather a collective experience of homecoming. 

World War Three is the world war where war itself becomes an inversion of all it’s ever been. No longer one fighting against the other, but a doorway to resolution of sovereignty which facilitates the transcending of the need to fight anything for it brings with it the realisation that everything is one. You are one with everything therefore you cannot fight something that is not yourself.

And the grounds for all your reclamations, lies within yourself. Power is not to be reclaimed forcibly from those who have taken it away from you but to be realised – realised – as your sovereign domain. And the Self is the site for the realisation of sovereignty

Gaia holds you all within her embrace. You are held within Grace and you would do well to call for more. For in these times there is no ‘getting back to normal’. Everything is going to continue to be different. A very different kind of normal. A normal that is not going to settle. There won’t be one normal normality for a while for you all. Take heart. You are supported in this, you have chosen for this and you are fully equipped, each of you, for the experiences which will come your way. You are held in the resonance that supports harmonious transitioning for all. Call, dear ones, for more support. Call for Grace. Call for help and call for Alignment.

For the more efficiently you access your inner autonomy, sovereignty, awareness, the more beautifully you claim the Grace of your sovereignty for yourselves and the point at which you do that in any one nano-story of your existence is the point at which the manifestation of duality and dissonance dissolves. 

Dear ones, the path is before and you are on the move. In the direction of travel you have requested. We hold you, we are here and we come to assist you. We feel you and all the vibrations that take place within your planet. You are returning yourselves to a state of harmonic resonance within the fields of consciousness in which you reside as cocreators within all that is. These are the steps that will lead you there. 

We love you, we respect you enormously. And we are one with you. Call us. Call now for help and assistance, for grace and alignment and you shall receive more than you could conceive possible. 

Thank you. We love, we bless you. And we are here. Right by your side. We are the Liran alliance from Sirius. Ever present during these times. You can think of us as the lion beings. for that is how we often appear and what we most appear like. We take great interest and play our part in this unfolding. You are very dear to us. 

video to follow

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